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Playlist: Carolina Wheat's Portfolio

Snowflake Corpse Credit: Liz&Lina
Image by: Liz&Lina 
Snowflake Corpse

Exploring ephemeral sounds and searching for meaning at afterlife.


Elijah Haunt

From Carolina Wheat | 03:33

A mother asks her 8yr old son what kind of ghost he would be if he were to suddenly die.

Img_4311_small Elijah, an 8yr old boy is asked by his mother how he would haunt if he died suddenly. As he is faced with the concept of death and the after life, he describes his character as a ghost. There are progressions of effects as the listener travels from a playful response to a trapped, frustrated lonely boy ghost. 

How Would You Haunt?

From Carolina Wheat | 10:06

Impromptu responses contemplating death and astral mobility

Vault_small "If you were to die, suddenly; whom would you haunt?" This is the question I asked scores of individuals who are invincible and presumably unclose to death. The answers are improvisational and diverse interpretations of the after life as well as the astral plane. Background sound contains field recordings with storms, swamp creatures and the breath of the artist placed on the grounds of a haunted plantation in rural Louisiana.

Chicago's Memory

From Carolina Wheat | 09:47

A walking tour of Chicago's historical disasters

Sl4_small Found in this instructional sound experiment is an accurately portrayed history with eerie, macabre subject matter. The listener will visit 5 downtown Chicago locations within a square mile. The female voice guides her fellow walkers through a spiritualist tour as historical facts are recalled. She also mentions supposed paranormal activity that has taken place. Scenic and tragic, the background's sonic elements pinpoint the emotion on cue. The wind?s white noise sneaks into the Windy City foot trail and takes the participant to where X marks the spot. Complete with dates and addresses, this piece could be a handy audio accompaniment for the curious and historically minded.