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Playlist: Daniel Roberts's Portfolio

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60 Watts (Series)

Produced by Brian Babinec

Most recent piece in this series:

60 Watts 276

From Brian Babinec | Part of the 60 Watts series | 59:00

Logo-01_small Tony Rocky Horror guides you through the cutting-edge sounds of noise rock, grunge, hardcore, metal, and alternative from around the world! This week featuring brand new Mutoid Man.

Botch - Saint Matthew Returns to the Womb
Jeromes Dream - South by Isolation
Gulch - Flesh Pursuit
Blacklisters - Le Basement
thoughtcrimes - Keyhole Romance
Fashion Week - Christian Eeyore
Leg Yield - Core Charge
Facet - Yoga
Sunburster - Halfway Crook
Chamber - Tremble
Mutoid Man - Call of the Void
Exhalants - Passing Perceptions
Ils - Curse
Portrayal of Guilt - One Last Taste of Heaven
Mico - Zarpa
Yashira - Narrowed in Mirrored Light
Spotlights - Ballad in the Mirror
Modern Color - Smiling Face
PUP - Factories

What's the Frequency, Kenneth? a newsical series (Series)

Produced by Paul Fischer

Most recent piece in this series:

"Debt Ceilings & Stove Tops"WED NITE UPDATE MAY 31, 2023 ( Told Through Narration, Music and Soundbites)

From Paul Fischer | Part of the What's the Frequency, Kenneth? a newsical series series | 59:02

Default-piece-image-2 THIS VERSION ADDS HOUSE PASSAGE OF DEBT CEILING/SPENDING AGREEMENT. Two Things Congressional Republicans go to the mat on: The national debt ceiling and gas stoves. Texas AG Paxton impeached. SCOTUS ethics. And, about those gas stoves...does Biden really want to ban them? (Told Through Narration, Music and Soundbites)

The Purple Principle Podcast (Series)

Produced by Fluent Knowledge

Most recent piece in this series:

Election Lessons Unheeded? A Cautionary View of the New U.S. House

From Fluent Knowledge | Part of the The Purple Principle Podcast series | 27:39


“The American people want serious people to solve serious challenges,“ declares former Texas Congressman Will Hurd in this season finale on the U.S. House of Representatives. “That’s the lesson we should take away from 2022.” 

But he is quick to add, “I don’t think that lesson is going to be implemented in this new Congress.”

Having served three terms in the House, Hurd then dissects the GOP factionalism at work in the currently contested speaker’s election, a position that traditionally goes to the party leader. And he confirms the disappointing fact that most House members are more interested in “messaging bills” with no chance of passage than progress on tough, important issues like immigration, climate change and support for Ukraine. 

TPP’s Rob Pease and Dylan Nicholls discuss each of these important issues in detail with former Congressman Hurd, paying special attention to immigration. His South Texas district shares an 800-mile border with Mexico, bearing the initial burden of huge numbers of migrants. But he’s not optimistic about any major immigration reform passing in these next two years of divided government.

The Purple Principle covered the U.S. Senate in our previous episode with former centrist Senators Doug Jones and Bob Corker. This episode we turn to the unruly chamber next door in our discussion with repeat guest Will B. Hurd, former CIA officer, three-term Texas Congressman and author of one the best recent reads on U.S. politics, American Reboot: An Idealist’s Guide to Getting Big Things Done (Simon & Schuster, 2022)

The Purple Principle is a Fluent Knowledge production. Original music by Ryan Adair Rooney.

Reveal Weekly (Series)

Produced by Reveal

Most recent piece in this series:

923: The Post-Roe Healthcare Crisis, 6/10/2023

From Reveal | Part of the Reveal Weekly series | :00

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Philosophy Talk: Weekly (Series)

Produced by Philosophy Talk

Most recent piece in this series:

2325: The Arts for All?, 6/20/2023

From Philosophy Talk | Part of the Philosophy Talk: Weekly series | 01:00

Logo_icon_idea_color_small When we think of “real” art, we often think of expensive, highbrow pieces that are displayed in museums and galleries, and critiqued by the elite. In fact, people commonly lament that they don’t know enough about art to truly understand or appreciate the works that they encounter. So should art aim to be accessible to everyone? Or is it ever okay to sacrifice accessibility for other competing aims that art can pursue? Do artists have a duty to make their work more available or accessible in other ways? Josh and Ray paint their masterpiece with Catharine Abell from the University of Oxford, author of Fiction: A Philosophical Analysis.

Strange Currency (Series)

Produced by KMUW

Most recent piece in this series:

Strange Currency 06.10.23 or floating

From KMUW | Part of the Strange Currency series | 01:57:59

Sc_square_small During a summer, 1994 break from the rigorous road schedule for the Allman Brothers Band, Warren Haynes, Allen Woody, and Matt Abts retreated to a Florida recording studio to record a series of demos for their side project, Gov’t Mule. Those sessions yielded a few songs that would go on to become Gov’t Mule favorites, including “Blind Man in the Dark.” The sessions were finally issued in 2016 at The Tel-Star Sessions. We’ll hear music from that release on this episode as well as selections from the Grateful Dead’s From the Mars Hotel.