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Playlist: Daniel Roberts's Portfolio

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60 Watts (Series)

Produced by Brian Babinec

Most recent piece in this series:


From Brian Babinec | Part of the 60 Watts series | 59:00

Logo-01_small Tony Rocky Horror guides you through the cutting-edge sounds of noise rock, grunge, hardcore, metal, and alternative from around the world!.

Heart Attack Man - Practiced in the Mirror
Fleshwater - Kiss the Ladder
PUP - How to Live With Yourself
Glose - Sans Organs
Ils - Bad Parts
Muscle Beach - Charms
Dealer - Fester
Portrayal of Guilt - Self-Inflicted
Quiet Fear - Yaoyotl
P***Wand - Transfix
Exhalants - The Thorn You Carry in Yr Side
Blacklisters - Powdered Milk
Multicult - Caterwaul
Joliette - Tionkel
Chamber - Cellophane Form
Colonial Wound - III
Vein.fm - Inside Design
End - Love Let Me Die
The Armed - On Jupiter

What's the Frequency, Kenneth? a newsical series (Series)

Produced by Paul Fischer

Most recent piece in this series:

"Let The Trials Begin..." ( Told Through Narration, Music and Soundbites)

From Paul Fischer | Part of the What's the Frequency, Kenneth? a newsical series series | 59:03

Default-piece-image-1 Trump Trials: Fani Willis in Ga. Trish James in NY. SCOTUS in DC. Russian Nukes in space? Anatomy of a national security "scare". Putin and Trump and Navalny and Speaker Johnson and US aid to Ukraine. ( Told Through Narration,Music and Soundbites)

The Purple Principle Podcast (Series)

Produced by Fluent Knowledge

Most recent piece in this series:

Systems Level Failure? Veterans for All Voters Takes on Polarizing Elections

From Fluent Knowledge | Part of the The Purple Principle Podcast series | 26:51


“Every time I talk to someone about running for office, the first thing they say is, Eric, you have to pick a team,” confides Navy veteran Eric Bronner. Our featured guest this episode, Eric is COO of the non-partisan group Veterans for All Voters. 

“And something didn't sit right with me. So the pump was primed, as my parents would say, for some kind of awakening.”

That awakening occurred while listening to a Freakonomics podcast episode with former Purple Principle  guest Katherine Gehl, co-author of The Politics Industry. In that episode, as in our own 2021 interview, Gehl and co-author Michael Porter of HBS highlighted the lack of incentives our elected officials have to govern effectively.  

“That research was so compelling,” Bronner tells us, waving a copy of The Politics Industry from his home office desk. “And the smart people are waking up to the fact that it’s a system level problem.”

To tackle that  problem, Eric and his co-founders are forming a nationwide network of veterans to volunteer on behalf of state level election reform initiatives like opening primaries to the large percentage of registered independent or unaffiliated veterans currently unable to vote in primary elections and also advancing Final Four or Five voting as detailed in The Politics Industry. This voting system combines a unified open primary with a ranked choice general election in an effort to create more voter engagement and more truly competitive elections. 

On this episode we meet three volunteer veterans, including former Marine Mike Escobar who voiced  a 2022 commercial promoting these electoral reforms in Nevada,   fellow Marine vet Glomani Perez of New York and Army combat vet Crystal Wellington of Florida. Each of them recall feeling a disturbing lack of national cohesion upon return to civilian life. 

“The last thing we need is more polarization. The last thing we need is more partisanship,” says Bronner who now works full time coordinating  hundreds of volunteers in forty states and counting. “We can have differences of opinion, right? But the system itself is broken.”

Tune in to find out how Bronner and Veterans For All Voters hope to mend the system in this 2024 election cycle and beyond. The Purple Principle is Fluent Knowledge production. Original music by Ryan Adair Rooney.  

Reveal Weekly (Series)

Produced by Reveal

Most recent piece in this series:

1009: The Suspect Detective, 3/2/2024

From Reveal | Part of the Reveal Weekly series | :00

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Philosophy Talk: Weekly (Series)

Produced by Philosophy Talk

Most recent piece in this series:

2413: Margaret Cavendish, 3/26/2024

From Philosophy Talk | Part of the Philosophy Talk: Weekly series | :00

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Strange Currency (Series)

Produced by KMUW

Most recent piece in this series:

Strange Currency 02.24.24 or floating date

From KMUW | Part of the Strange Currency series | 01:58:00

Sc_square_small Listen for music from Chris Cornell’s 2020 album No One Sings Like You Anymore, Vol.1 plus music from Katy Kirby’s 2024 release, Blue Raspberry.