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Playlist: Daniel Roberts's Portfolio

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60 Watts (Series)

Produced by Brian Babinec

Most recent piece in this series:

60 Watts 230

From Brian Babinec | Part of the 60 Watts series | 59:00

Logo-01_small Tony Rocky Horror guides you through the cutting-edge sounds of noise rock, grunge, hardcore, metal, and alternative from around the world! This week featuring music by Heart to Gold.

Helms Alee - Mouth Thinker
Prayer Group - Numbers
Inside the Beehive - Bio-Feedback
Chamber - Torn From Perfection
Quiet Fear - Eterna Soledad
Vatican - Fractured God
Anna Sage - Loveless
Cherubs - We Buy Gold
thoughtcrimes - Soapbox Sermon
Whores - Imposter Syndrome
SeeYouSpaceCowboy... - Disdain Coupled With a Wide Smile
Endorphins Lost - Human Shield
Drug Church - World Impact
The Armed - Luxury Themes
Fashion Week - Heroin Chic
PUP - PUPTHEBAND Inc. Is Filing for Bankruptcy
Ils - Bad Parts
Vein.fm - Inside Design
MouthBreather - Fratscum

What's the Frequency, Kenneth? a newsical series (Series)

Produced by Paul Fischer

Most recent piece in this series:

"Primary Concerns" ( Told Through Narration, Music and Soundbites)

From Paul Fischer | Part of the What's the Frequency, Kenneth? a newsical series series | 59:01

Default-piece-image-0 Cawthorn & Congress. Pennsylvania Primaries: Trumpers, Trumpiers and Trumpiest. Racist terror attack in Buffalo. Justice Thomas and Falling Public Confidence in the Court.( Do we need a second opinion?) McConnell and Co. In Kyiv. Finland & Sweden: Ready. Set. NATO. Jan 6 Committee: 5 subpoeanas; no takers. Formula for Disaster: hey, ABBOTTT!!!! Congress and UFO's (UAP's??): Gort, Klaatu, Barada,Nikto & Schiff. ( Told Through Narration, Music and Soundbites)

The Purple Principle Podcast (Series)

Produced by Fluent Knowledge

Most recent piece in this series:

Politically Persuadable But Focused on Jobs? Hispanic American Swing Voters (Part 1)

From Fluent Knowledge | Part of the The Purple Principle Podcast series | 30:51


Is a large and growing segment of Hispanic American voters leaning independent, as in less securely tied to either of the two major parties? 

That’s the operative question in this first episode on Hispanic swing voters, featuring three noted experts: former Florida Congressman Carlos Curbelo, UT San Antonio political scientist Dr. Sharon Navarro, and former four-term San Antonio Mayor and Clinton Cabinet member, Dr. Henry Cisneros. 

Curbelo notes the growing diversity of Hispanic voters, even within the south Florida district he represented. He goes on to explain that the recent and, to many, surprising shift of Latinos toward the Republican Party may be a result of discomfort with far left rhetoric among families who have emigrated from socialist dictatorships such as Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba. 

Dr. Sharon Navarro observes many Hispanic voters may be registered to a political party yet remain “persuadable” by candidates speaking to concerns from the opposing side. She notes, for example, that the federal government’s Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is a major employer in the South Texas region. As a result, calls from the far left to completely shut down the border patrol may have persuaded some Texas Hispanics to vote GOP despite the extreme white nationalist rhetoric on the far right. 

“Politics is a marketplace of ideas,” notes Dr. Henry Cisneros, one of the nation’s first Hispanic mayors who governed as a pragmatic centrist. “Progressives, people to the left, Democrats generally would do well to try to put yourself in other people's shoes who are striving to create a better life for their families, who want the best possible education for their children in basic ways and in traditional ways, with respect to views about the country and patriotism.” 

Our nation’s fastest growing ethnic group may be our least predictable voting bloc again in the 2022 elections and beyond. Tune in for a better understanding of the diverse backgrounds, priorities and viewpoints characterizing Hispanic American swing voters.

Reveal Weekly (Series)

Produced by Reveal

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Philosophy Talk: Weekly (Series)

Produced by Philosophy Talk

Most recent piece in this series:

2223: Conscious Machines, 6/7/2022

From Philosophy Talk | Part of the Philosophy Talk: Weekly series | 54:00


Computers have already surpassed us in their ability to perform certain cognitive tasks. Perhaps it won’t be long till every household has a super intelligent robot who can outperform us in almost every domain. While future AI might be excellent at appearing conscious, could AI ever actually become conscious? Would forcing conscious machines to work for us be akin to slavery? Could we design AI that specifically lacks consciousness? Or is consciousness simply an emergent property of intelligence? Josh and Ken become conscious with their guest, Susan Schneider, Director of the AI, Mind and Society Group at the University of Connecticut and author of Artificial You: A.I. and the Future of Your Mind.

Strange Currency (Series)

Produced by KMUW

Most recent piece in this series:

Strange Currency 05.24.22: Bob Dylan Birthday Celebration

From KMUW | Part of the Strange Currency series | 01:53:59

Sc_square_small We celebrate Bob Dylan's birthday with selections from Mavis Staples, John Martyn, Adele, Bonnie Raitt, Nina Simone and others.