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Playlist: Daniel Roberts's Portfolio

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60 Watts (Series)

Produced by Brian Babinec

Most recent piece in this series:

60 Watts 203

From Brian Babinec | Part of the 60 Watts series | 59:00

Logo-01_small Tony Rocky Horror guides you through the cutting-edge sounds of noise rock, grunge, hardcore, metal, and alternative from around the world! This week featuring new Cherubs.

Pig Destroyer - Circle River
Kowloon Walled City - Utopian
Blacklisters - I Read My Own Mind
Gulch - Accelerator
Zozobra - Born in a Blaze
Heiress - Unsettler
Ils - Curse
Fight Amp - Dig Deep
Sunburster - Ronin
Cherubs - Lazy Snakes
Filth Is Eternal - Nosebleed
Norma Jean - Absentimental: Street Clam
End - Love Let Me Die
Cloud Rat - Losing Weight
Yellfire - No Face No Smile
King Woman - Coil
Bummer - Quadruple ZZ Top
Metz - Wet Blanket
The Armed - Faith in Medication

What's the Frequency, Kenneth? a newsical series (Series)

Produced by Paul Fischer

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"Subpoenas. Congress. And Contempt" THURS OCT 21 UPDATE ( Told Through Narration, Music and Soundbites)

From Paul Fischer | Part of the What's the Frequency, Kenneth? a newsical series series | 59:01

Default-piece-image-0 This version adds full House vote on Bannon contempt referral to DOJ... comment from Attny Genl Garland on the subject..and failure of latest dem attempt to move a voting rights bill thru a solid GOP Senate filibuster. The subpoena showdown. Trump &Co Vs, Jan 6 Committee. The infrastructure bill showdown. Hurry Up & Wait. Again. The Voting Rights Bill showdown. Again. Lucy (In The Sky With Diamonds) on the way to the asteroid clusters of Jupiter. The late Colin Powell..former Joint Chiefs chair, former Secretary of State..on The GOP after Jan 6th. ( Told Through Narration, Music and Soundbites)

The Purple Principle Podcast (Series)

Produced by Robert Pease

Most recent piece in this series:

Hollywood Presidents for a Partisan Nation (Part Three): Hail the Flip-Flopping Egomania of Veep

From Robert Pease | Part of the The Purple Principle Podcast series | 39:26


HBO’s Veep, starring Julia Louis Dreyfuss, is quite likely the most successful American political satire in television history. Yet, in seven seasons, the show never mentions the party labels “Democrat” or  “Republican,” instead using terms like “the enemy camp” or,  more pointedly, “my extremist colleague from across the aisle.”

In “Hollywood Presidents for a Partisan Nation (Part Three),” The Purple Principle speaks with Veep showrunner and head writer, David Mandel, about this convention and the many challenges to creating satire at a time when real world political norms are shattered week after week. 

David Mandel took over the showrunner role from creator Armando Ianucci, who adapted his British show, The Thick of It, into the equally foul-mouthed but distinctly American, Veep. Mandel then led the show for its final three seasons, winning an Emmy for Best Comedy Series in two of those three years.  

As a result, it was no easy decision to end Veep with Season 7. But, in our TPP interview, Mandel confides they could no longer compete with the writers of a show called Trump. We spoke to him about that decision, as well as his favorite episodes, lines, and memorabilia from the Veep catalog. 

Mandel himself is a blue ribbon comedy A-lister, having written for SNL, Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and the occasional Simpsons episode prior to the Veep showrunner role. In this interview, he describes some of his early and enduring influences which range from major comic role models like Steve Martin and David Letterman to the prize-winning Lyndon Johnson biographer, Robert Caro.

Veep protagonist, Selina Meyer, was “a horrible person...who was also a politician,” Mandel explains, looking back over this remarkable run. “That doesn’t mean that the writers… were endorsing the offensive things she was saying.” 

He then adds, with a hint of frustration, “But some people feel, in terms of comedy, that you can’t say anything offensive, even in jest.”
Fortunately, a large, still loyal audience appreciates the satirical brilliance of Veep—sharp, topical writing and pitch-perfect performances from a true ensemble cast. Tune into “Hollywood Presidents for a Partisan Nation (Part Three)” for more on the show’s enduring appeal from Hollywood comedy writer extraordinaire, David Mandel.

Original Music by Ryan Adair Rooney

Reveal Weekly (Series)

Produced by Reveal

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743: Mississippi Goddam Chapter 2: The Aftermath, 10/23/2021

From Reveal | Part of the Reveal Weekly series | 59:00


On the morning of Billey Joe Johnson’s death, crime scene tape separates the Johnsons from their son’s body. Their shaky faith in the criminal justice system begins to buckle.

As Billey Joe Johnson’s family tries to get answers about his death, they get increasingly frustrated with the investigation. They feel that law enforcement, from the lead investigator to the district attorney, are keeping them out of the loop. While a majority White grand jury rules that Johnson’s’s death was accidental, members of the family believe the possibility of foul play was never properly investigated.

Philosophy Talk: Weekly (Series)

Produced by Philosophy Talk

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Strange Currency (Series)

Produced by KMUW

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Strange Currency 10.22.21: Mr. Luck

From KMUW | Part of the Strange Currency series | 01:53:58

Sc_square_small Mr. Luck: A Tribute To Jimmy Reed is the latest release from Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood. The record also features guest appearances from Wood’s predecessor in the Rolling Stones, Mick Taylor. Plus music from Paul McCartney, Junior Wells, and others.