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Playlist: Ellen Dornan's Portfolio

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Augmented Humanity (Series)

Produced by KUNM

Most recent piece in this series:

Holly Herndon / Holly+

From KUNM | Part of the Augmented Humanity series | 59:00


Imagine: A musical colleague who can master any style, yet performs in a distinctive voice. When you share your composition, you’re immediately rewarded with a memorable performance. Don’t go looking on Craigslist for this ideal bandmate and collaborator -- it’s Holly+, an AI musician created with machine learning.

On this program we're talking with composer, musician, and sound artist Holly Herndon, whose most recent full-length album Proto was released in 2019. We’re also talking with Mat Dryhurst, a musician, researcher and artist, who also teaches at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Music, Strelka Institute and the European Graduate School and hosts discussions with figures shaping 21st century culture on the Interdependence podcast.

Visit https://hollyherndon.com