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283: The Best Podcasts of 2021, 12/17/2021

From Podcast Playlist from CBC Radio | Part of the Podcast Playlist from CBC Radio series | 59:00

Which new shows made the biggest impact this year?

Podcastplaylist-650_small This week on Podcast Playlist, cosy stories to get you in the holiday spirit.

First up, we visit the world's largest auction of Christmas trees. It's a place where snow-dusted Yuletide dreams meet the hard reality of supply and demand. Hope you brought cash!

Then, what would you do if someone gave you ten-thousand dollars? We’ve got the story of the ten-thousand dollar epic holiday feast. It involved countless courses and a live swan as a table centrepiece. Spoiler: the swans did not behave themselves.

That and more, this week on Podcast Playlist.

298: Eric Eddings and Brittany Luse from For Colored Nerds share their favourite podcasts, 4/8/2022

From Podcast Playlist from CBC Radio | Part of the Podcast Playlist from CBC Radio series | 59:00

Eric Eddings and Brittany Luse, hosts of For Colored Nerds, join us to talk about the return of their show, leaving Spotify, and to share their favourite podcasts.


The podcast For Colored Nerds is a pop culture conversation that dives a little deeper.

It's hosted by best friends and culture critics Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings. Each week they dive into what's going on in the zeitgeist, and peel back the layers of Black culture that are rarely discussed in mixed company. 

From Janet Jackson's new documentary, to the Sex in the City reboot, to impostor syndrome, to what everyone is talking about on TikTok — These are just a few of the subjects they've unpacked since rebooting their show back in November 2021.

Brittany and Eric join us on this episode to talk about rebooting For Colored Nerds and their journey through the podcast industry. Plus, we'll listen to a few of their favourite podcasts.