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EE 20-15: Is Now The Time To Garden?, 4/10/2020

From WFIU | Part of the Earth Eats series | 29:00

Maybe this current global crisis has you thinking about growing your own food. We reflect on why that might be, and share some practical gardening tips.


"They don't have gas in their vehicles, they don't have groceries and the don't have the ability really to go get groceries."

On this week’s show Harvest Public Media has a story on the challenges of delivering school meals in rural communities.

We share some thoughts and useful tips on home gardening in the COVID-19 era.

And we have a depression-era dessert recipe from Susan Mintert. With many of us cooking from diminished pantries, limiting trips to the store and trying to make do with what we have on hand, it seemed like an appropriate choice for this week.