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Playlist: Will Wright's Portfolio

Wright's Words Credit: Mat Ollig
Image by: Mat Ollig 
Wright's Words

It's all about that primal human hunger for a story that transports you, but it's not fiction. It's about what any child asks for: Tell me a Story.

Facts grab my attention more than a spun yarn. That's the best way to start or build a story.

The artistic or creative, the political, and current events interest me. The arts have long interested me. I'm about telling stories. The truth cannot be beat; as we all know, it's stranger than fiction.


Will the New Year and Pres. Obama finally motivate Black men to shed excuses?

From Will Wright | 03:12

Will Wright has been wondering: how will the New Year and Pres. Obama affect African-American men - their attitudes and futures?

2007-05-12_will_wright_-_1_small He wanted to have his say about how African-American men seem to keep themselves back - but mostly how they can use this new year to get back on track.

Black Republicans Fight for Their Political Voice

From Will Wright | 03:44

African-American Republicans sound off on their platform while Obama runs.

Gop_small With America's Presidential campaign filling the daily news, there are still heated debates over which political party is a true friend to a majority of African-Americans. As Black Republicans are working to increase their membership and candidates, some are optimistic that the African-Americans will find their place in the GOP.

Gordon Parks High School dedication - a last chance

From Will Wright | 05:00

A Gordon Parks HS senior excels by the grace of her daughter's love...

Copy_of_030808_307_small Gordon Parks High School was officially dedicated on March 6, 2008. One student, Cha Lee Vue, a senior, has a story about how she could excel by the grace of a flexible school day and her daughter?s love. She chose her weapons just as the school?s namesake, Parks, chose his through the arts of photography, film making and many more.

Non-Muslims fast during Ramadan.

From Will Wright | 04:09

Non-Muslims get a taste of Islam by fasting during Ramadan.

Ramadan_small On Sept. 22, 2008, the U of MN's Muslim student group, Al-Madinah, played host to non-Muslims. They were invited to fast for a day for charity. They would deal with surprising and profound changes and challenges as they had a taste of Islam for a day. These were lessons that couldn't be found in a lecture.

Are Black models in Fashion?

From Will Wright | 05:35

Will Wright asked experts about the chronic want for models of color on the runways and in ads.

521764737_d97d4157f3_o_small After seeing a New York Times video about New York City's fall fashion week and the want for and fear of models of color, I wondered how that translated in Minneapolis, MN, during its fashion week.  I spoke to fashion and mass communications experts about the chronic want for models of color on the runways and in ads.