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Virtuoso Voices: Funders - Zuill Bailey (The Cello's Voice)

From Listener Directed Productions, Inc. | Part of the Virtuoso Voices(tm): Funders series | :25

For your Fundraising campaign, cellist Zuill Bailey explains why each listener is an important voice on their Public Radio station. Use this 25 second clip as a fundraising message during your classical music fundraising programming. Scroll down to read the Suggested Host Outro and a transcript.

Zuill_bailey_small Use this Funder Spot during your Classical Music Fundraising, but especially before or after playing any Zuill Bailey recording.  See recording suggestions below.

"The cello has been gifted by some of the greatest composers of music to be the voice of their innermost thoughts and feelings.  It's almost as if I get to be the voice of Brahms, Elgar, Dvorak and Strauss each time I play their music.  I'm cellist Zuill Bailey.  As a classical music listener, you are an important voice on Public Radio.  When you support your station, you make it possible for all of your favorite composers to speak, and to speak well.  Please call or go online, and thank you."

Please call (insert station phone number), or make your contribution online at (insert station web address).  Here at (insert station name), we love hearing from you all year long, and especially now.  Thanks for speaking up by calling (insert station phone number), or by going online at (insert station web address).

(To download a .txt file of this suggested copy, look under the "Additional Files" for this piece.)

Music suggestions:  Suitable for almost any Zuill Bailey CD, including Bach Cello Suites (Telarc 31978); Beethoven Sonatas and Variations (Telarc 80740); Tchaikovsky – Rococo Variations, Nocturne and Pezzo Capriccioso (Telarc 80724).  Zuill Bailey’s complete discography is available at arkivmusic.com.



Virtuoso Voices(tm) is an interview clip service for classical music stations, presenting today's preeminent classical music performers, conductors and composers talking in 15 to 35 second sound bites.

These topical and evergreen clips enable announcers to bring an additional insider's perspective to the music they introduce and play on their shifts.

Virtuoso Voices(tm) is also Public Radio's primary source for classical music fundraising messages.


"Classical Music's Virtuosos Want a Word with Your Listeners."

Virtuoso Voices is a trademark of Listener Directed Productions, Inc.