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A Surprising Profession Where Diversity is Lagging Behind

From Syracuse University Broadcast Journalism | 04:41

They are supposed to mold and inspire minds, but that may some argue that will be difficult while 80% are white.

Circle-312343_640_small In 2014 minority became the majority in US public schools. Just over 50% of all students enrolled identified as non-white, an effect of booming numbers of US-born Asian, Hispanic, and African American children. At the front of their class, however, will likely stand a white teacher. 8 out of every 10 teachers in the United States are white, and while the needle has been inching in the direction of diversity, it's not happening fast enough to keep up with national demographics.

This can lead to problems. As students look to their teachers as role models, they will also search for someone who understands their backgrounds and their lives outside of school. Students and educators say that the effect a teacher can have on a child will be more profound when this connection occurs, no matter how good the teacher is at demonstrating the material.

What causes young adult minorities to shy away from careers in education?  Listen to find out.