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The New American Jukebox® Shows

As American Jukebox® has grown in popularity, (stations in 14 states downloaded programs in 2016), I have edited the shows so that references and drops do not include the home station (WMNR).

RESPECT: The Aretha Franklin Story

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:58:00

The Queen of Soul earned that title with nearly 60 years of performing under her belt. This is a career-spanning tribute.

Aretha_show_aj_270_small American Jukebox® 270 RESPECT: The Aretha Franklin Story

In 1960, when Aretha Franklin was 18, she was signed to Columbia Records. But, there was little soul. For six long years in those studios, under boss of A&R Mitch Miller, they tried one formula after another. Nothing clicked with the public. Nine albums, 22 singles later, with scant sales, the two parted company in 1967. On to Atlantic Records.

Head of Atlantic, Ahmet Ertegun, knew Aretha had talent but was reluctant to sign her because of the dismal record sales at Columbia for over six years. Jerry Wexler convinced Ertegun to let him take Aretha down south to Muscle Shoals, Alabama, where Fame Studios had a killer rhythm section. Ertugun flew off to Europe to work on some other deals and Wexler and Franklin flew off to Alabama. 

Sure enough, Wexler's hunch paid off. Aretha blossomed in that environment and they cut two sides including I Never Loved A Man (The Way That I Love You). Atlantic released it and BOOM! It soared up the charts into the Top-10. (Of the 22 singles Columbia previously released, only one even reached the Top-50.) The Muscle Shoals crew was flown to New York to cut an album. They did - in one week. On that first album was Respect, an Otis Redding song aretha liked. No fancy Columbia orchestrations. No holding back Aretha. R-E-S-P-E-C-T burst into the consciousness of America, went to #1, and "Lady Soul" was soon to become "Queen."

On this edition of American Jukebox we take a career-spanning look at Aretha: Columbia, Atlantic, Arista, and live perfromances. 

Hail the Queen.

The Phil Spector Story

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:58:00

Phil Spector is the legendary record producer who created the "Wall of Sound" with a stable of talented singers and musicians.

Phil_spector_story_green___small American Jukebox 269 The Phil Spector Story

At 18 Phil Spector had a #1 hit with his L.A. friends who called themselves The Teddy Bears. With the taste of success he went to New York to apprentice with Lieber and Stoller in the recording studio. Honing his craft with the support of the two giants, Phil produced several hits and soon became a record producer with his own company, Philles Records.

Surrounded by singing talents like the Crystals, The Ronettes, Darlene Love, The Righteous Brothers, Bobby Sheen and the equally legendary house band, The Wrecking Crew, Phil Spector was a huge force in the record industry of the 1960's - all this while in his erly '20s. By the time the '70s rolled around he was working and producing for The Beatles and then for John Lennon and George Harrison as solo artists. 

This is the story of Phil Spector, the artist, not Phil Spector, the person.

The Worst Records Ever

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:58:00

Everyone has a list of the worst records ever: From NPR to Rolling Stone Magazine. From the NY Post Readers' Poll to noted rock music journalist Robert Fontenot. 31 of them are here.

The_worst_ever_small American Jukebox® 268. The Worst Records Ever!

We’ve looked at lots of lists through the years. But we’ve never looked at these lists. These have beeen compiled by everyone from NPR's "All Things Considerd," to Rolling Stone Magazine. From New York Post readers to veteran journalist Robert Fontenot who has been covering rock, pop and soul for decades. Many of these records keep showing up on all the "Worst Songs Ever" lists.

But, don’t shut off the radio, switch stations or log out. I was shocked by some of these choices and I know you will be too. There are over 20 #1 hits on the list! The critics of the songs sight things like they take themselves too seriously, the lyrics are benign, the constant repetition is irritating, the sentiment is saccharine, they’re too sexually icky, and some are just plain annoying.

Your listeners will certainly want to weigh in. They'll get mad that some are there and agreee on others. On today’s worst records ever edition of American Jkebox you’ll hear greats like The Beatles, Dionne Warwick, Sonny & Cher and others. They all made the worst records ever list.

Agree or disagree? There is no right or wrong and I’ll weigh in too. If something really gets to you, drop me an email at stack@wmnr.org. I’d love to know what you think.

Glen Campbell & the Nashville Jukebox

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:55:31

Country crossover made some huge hits in the '50s, '60s and '70s. Glen Campbell's musical legacy is powerful.

Nashville_music_copy_small American Jukebox 204: The Nashville Jukebox features country crossover hits that charted high on the Pop charts. An in-depth look at the music of Glen Campbell rounds out the second hour as this music legend is now in the final stages of Alzheimer's Disease.
Crossoverr hits by Jimmy Rodgers, Sonny James, Johnny Cash, Tammy Wynette, Patsy Cline, Charlie Rich and Charlie Pride are just a sample of what's in store on the Nashville Jukebox today. Fun Test and Behind the #1 are regular features and are part of this edition of American Jukebox. 

One Hit Wonders

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:55:21

Hundreds of recording artists have had only one big hit. Their hit songs became part of American and international culture. Yet, there was never another top hit for them. To illustrate the point, here are 32.

One_hit_wonders2_small American Jukebox 239. One Hit Wonders draws from the hundreds of recordings by artists who literally only had one big hit. In creating the playlist for this show, the criteria was that the artist had only one hit to enter Billboard's Top-40* Hot 100 pop chart. In fact, 26 of the 32 songs came from the Top-10 including six #1 chart toppers. The playlist spans the years from 1958 to 1979 and includes male and female solo artists as well as groups.

As early as 1958 The Silhouettes had their one success with Get a Job while the Monotones met the same fate with The Book of Love. In the sixties artists with names like Marcie Blane, The Echoes and Barry & the Tamberlanes were joined by Curtis Lee, The Castaways and the Murmaids. In the '70s Anita Ward had a #1 hit with Ring My Bell as did Debby Boone with You Light Up My Life. European imports came from The Netherlands with The Tee Set's Ma Belle Amie, and from England with The Caravelles' You Don't Have To Be a Baby to Cry and Unit Four + 2's Concrete and Clay.

Fascinating, informative and entertaining, this survey of One Hit Wonders is sure to please listeners.

(*The one exception is Geroige McCrae who had one additional hit in the top-40, peaking at #37.)

Angel Hair & Tinsel: Another Baby Boomer's Christmas

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:56:53

Baby Boomers were born from 1946 - 1964, coming of age in the '60s through the '80s. Here's the Christmas music of their lives, and the lives they touched.

Angel_hair___tinsel_small American Jukebox 235: Angel Hair & Tinsel: Another Baby Boomer's Christmas combines pop, rock and soul Christmas favorites that span that generation's life. Born from 1946-1964 Baby Boomers arguably have had the greatest impact on shaping American poular music, and that includes Christmas music. From country artists like Gene Autry, Alabama, Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton, to rock megastars like The Beach Boys, The Eagles, John Lennoin, Stevie Wonder, The Supremes and the Phil Spector's groups, to pop icons like Bing Crosby, Bette Midler and Glen Campbell, their Christmas recordings live on year after, generation after generation.
Join me on this edition of American Jukebox, gather your friends, trim a tree, pour something refreshing, and enjoy a White Chritsmas or Christmas in Dixie. Feliz Navid!


From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:57:14

Celebrate our country in song. From pop, rock and soul, to country, Broadway and film, music about America has never been in short supply.

Garrett Stack

America_small American Juebox 225: This edition of Ameican Jukebox celebrates the USA in songs about our country. From the patriotic to the protest, and the expanse of the nation join singers and groups who have put their mark on songs about America. To name a few, listen to Frank Sinatra, Cher, The Kingston Trio, Ray Charles, Elvis Presley,Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Kate Smit, James Cagney, Judy Collins, Peter, Paul & Mary, Joan Baez and Simon and Garfunkle. And then there's Neil Diamond, Trini Lopez and Daniel Rodriguez. 
Be moved. Let your tears flow. Let your hope soar for the promise of America. 

Singin' The Numbers

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:55:23

Literally thousands of songs have a number in their title. 1,2,3,16, a hundred, a thousand and many more. This list is culled from late '50s, '60s and '70s pop, rock and soul.

Singin__the_numbers_small American Jukebox® 238. Singin' The Numbers: Have you ever thought about how many songs contain numbers in their titles? Once you're challenged, your mind clicks into overdrive. The problem was not being able to find two hours worth of songs for this edition of Amerian Jukebox but constantly throwing songs off the list. Limited to the late '50s, the '60s and the '70's, 36 songs are included in Singin' The Numbers.
Artists like Len Barry, Fats Domino, Brenda Lee, Mary Wells and Del Shannon Share the bill with The Beatles, The Stones, The Four Tops, The Crests and The Beach Boys. Join in the regular Fun Test feature and test your knowledge of pop music given a snippet of a musical clue. And Behind the #1 takes a look at the backstory about famous #1 hits. Today's backstory is about a number song - In The Year 2525 by Zager & Evans. 

Tell Me A Story

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:56:23

Ever think about how many great hit songs tell stories, with a beginning, a middle and an end? The short answer: countless.

Tell_me_a_story_for_prx_small American Jukebox® #237. Tell Me A Story: There has been no shortage of huge hits on the Billboard charts that tell stories. These story songs, like all stories, have a beginning, a middle and an end. They wrap up an event in 3 or 4 minutes often with memorable results. Included in Tell Me A Story are no less than fifteen TOP-5 hits including nine that reached the top at #1. Several more were in the TOP-10. 
From a story about two kids on a date who fell asleep in a movie theater and didn't wake up till 4 AM (Wake Up Little Susie), to a family's indifference to a suicide (Ode to Billy Joe), to hypocrites in the small town of Harper Valley, on to a grieving mother on a Chicago street (In The Ghetto), and a couple of murders in a baroom (Stagger Lee and Copacabana), this fascinating set of hits will delight audiences. 
Among others, artists include the Beatles and the Shangri-Las, Harry Chapin, Kenny Rogers, Joan Baez, Clarence Carter, Tom Jones and Gene Pitney.
Be sure to check out the complete music details on the .pdf attachment.

American Jukebox Turns Ten!

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:55:50

Marking the 10th anniversary of American Jukebox® Garrett narrows down his ten favorites: groups, solo artists and desert island albums.

American_jukebox_10th_anniversary_small American Jukebox #236: 10th Anniversary Edition What started as a dream to bring baby boomers their coming of age music on a mostly classical public radio station turned into reality with the support of WMNR Fine Arts Radio. For ten years I've had the privilege of sharing the music I love with listeners who love this soundtrack of our lives. Through the years the popularity of American Jukebox has grown and through the network of PRX members, American Jukebox shows have been carried in 14 states. 
On this 10th Anniversary edition I have selected my 10 favorite groups, 10 favorite solo artists and 10 albums that I'd take to me desert isalnd for all time. Hear's a tease: The Four Seasons, The Beach Boys and The Ronettes. Dusty Springfield, John Denver and Roy Orbison. Harry Chapin Greatest Stories Live, The Beatles Abbey Road and The Staples Singers Be What You Are.
Join me for 31 of my favorites on this special anniversary edition of the jukebox. 

Saluting 2 Bobs: Vee & Dylan

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:56:17

With the passing of Bobby Vee, and at the same time his good friend Bob Dylan got the Nobel Prize for Literature, this program salutes them both with their music.

Saluting_2_bobs_small American Jukebox 234: Saluting 2 Bobs focuses on the legacy of Bobby Vee's life in music who passed away in October 2016. Starting in 1959, at just 15, Bob Velline ("Vee") burst onto the music scene as the leader of his little band, The Shadows. As fate would have it, The Shadows of Frago, North Dakota, were asked to fill in for Buddy Holly who had died in a plane crash the night before. From there Bobby Vee became a teen idol of the 1960's racking up an impressive 45 hits on the Billboard charts.
Bob Dylan, who once played in Bobby Vee's band under the name of Elston Gunn were lifelong friends. Shortly before Bobby Vee died, it was announced that Bob Dylan was the recipient of 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature. His lyrics, as poetry, helped shape the owrld. 

Coming & Going On The Top-40

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:55:55

The first top-40 hit and the last top-40 hit of recording artists make for a diverse set of hits from the '50s, '60s and '70s.

Coming___going_small American Jukebox® #232. Coming & Going - On this edition of American Jukebox we take a fascinating look at the debut top-40 hit of major recording artists and the final top-40 hit as reported in Billboard. The criteria to be included on this program were, 1] the artists had to have been on the charts for at least five years and, 2] the artists have had at least five top-40 hits on Billboard's Hot-100 pop charts.
In this program 18 major artists fomr Fats Domino to Elton John, and The Beach Boys to The Bee Gees, join the likes of Bobby Darin and Johnny Rivers and groups like The Four Seasons and The Supremes (without Diana Ross in the '70s). 
You'll be surprised to hear Aretha Franklin's first Top-40 hit and Bobby Vinton's last one.
Have your listeners join the fun with Fun Test and learn the backstory of the hit "Diana" by Paul Anka on "Behind the #1" at the bottom of the second hour.

Easy Does It

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:56:57

It's easy on the ears! Two hours of soft rock, pop and soul from the late '50s through the mid '70s.

Easy_does_it_small American Jukebox #230: Easy Does It is a collection of 34 softer sounding classics from the Golden Age of AM and Jukebox pop, rock and soul. It's meant to be sung along with. So sing! Starting with The Platters' "Only You" in 1956 and moving through the late 50's with classics like "Little Star" by The Elegants and "Come Softly To Me" by The Fleetwoods, American Jukebox turns to the soft sounds of Roy Orbison, Johnny Rivers, Patsy Cline and Barbara Lewis. Some surprises come from Tom Jones' "The Young New Mexican Puppeteer," The Cascades "The Last Leaf" and the "rest of the story" on the Russian composition that became "Those Were The Days." Bobby Darin, Stevie Wonder, The Four Tops, Helen Reddy and Abba join the program with Paul Anka & Odia Coates. 
Your listeners will find their favorites on this Easy Does It edition of American Jukebox.

One Hit Wonders

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:55:21

Hundreds of recording artists have had only one big hit. Their hit songs became part of American and international culture. Yet, there was never another top hit for them. To illustrate the point, here are 32.

One_hit_wonders2_small American Jukebox 239. One Hit Wonders draws from the hundreds of recordings by artists who literally only had one big hit. In creating the playlist for this show, the criteria was that the artist had only one hit to enter Billboard's Top-40* Hot 100 pop chart. In fact, 26 of the 32 songs came from the Top-10 including six #1 chart toppers. The playlist spans the years from 1958 to 1979 and includes male and female solo artists as well as groups.

As early as 1958 The Silhouettes had their one success with Get a Job while the Monotones met the same fate with The Book of Love. In the sixties artists with names like Marcie Blane, The Echoes and Barry & the Tamberlanes were joined by Curtis Lee, The Castaways and the Murmaids. In the '70s Anita Ward had a #1 hit with Ring My Bell as did Debby Boone with You Light Up My Life. European imports came from The Netherlands with The Tee Set's Ma Belle Amie, and from England with The Caravelles' You Don't Have To Be a Baby to Cry and Unit Four + 2's Concrete and Clay.

Fascinating, informative and entertaining, this survey of One Hit Wonders is sure to please listeners.

(*The one exception is Geroige McCrae who had one additional hit in the top-40, peaking at #37.)

Whistlers & More

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:55:09

Perhaps the oldest musical instrument is the human whistle. In popular music, whistling has inserted itself into many a hit song. Along with other songs, here's a survey of some 18 memorable hits that include whistling.

Whistlers___more_logo_small American Jukebox® 240. Whistlers & More: Here goes. How many hit songs from the '50s, '60s and '70s can you think of that include whisling? I did some of that thinking for you and came up with 18 for this edition of American Jukebox. The oldest hits I included are from 1956, Johnny Ray's Just Walking In The Rain and Guy Mitchell's Singin' The Blues. And the youngest? From 1978, it's Barry Manilow's I Can't Smile Without You. Lots more on the list like Sukiyaki, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The Stranger, Dock of the Bay, and more.
Adding to whistle tunes I've selected other songs that are sure to bring back some lost memories. Even a few you proably never heard like UK artist Long John Baldry and Bill Deal & the Rondels.
Sit back, work, exercise, or do whatever you do while you listen to two hours of upbeat and interesting hits from the golden age of AM radio when the jukbox was king. 

General Jukebox 241

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:56:41

An eclectic collection of big and lesser known pop, rock & soul favorites from the late '50s, '60s and '70s

General_jukebox_241_small American Jukebox® #241. General Jukebox 241 is a look at big and lesser known pop, rock & soul favorites from the late '50s, '60s and '70s. Doo-Wop to dance, Motown to Philly and New York, girls, boys, duos and groups. #1 hits and #100 just made it "hits." Even schmaltzy pop toppers like Julie Rogers' The Wedding, Kay Starr's #1 Rock 'n' Roll Waltz and the McGuire Sisters May You Always are on tap. From Philly, The Orlons entertain the "hippest" on South Street, while Bill Deal and the Rhondels from Virginia give us I've Been Hurt, and the Chicago Transit Authority (their original name on their first album before the city real transit authority made them change their name) amaze us with the musicianship of Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? and America's tight sound sends us their #1 Sister Golden Hair.
Of course regular features like "Fun Test" and "Behind the #1" are all part of the fun. 

Extraordinary Recordings (Reworked)

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:55:53

Some records just stand out! These do for artistic merit, content, historical significance or performance. They're extraordinary.

Recording_studio_control_room_small American Jukebox® 187: EXTRAORDINARY RECORDINGS: You've heard a song on the car radio that made you pull off the road so you could fully appreciate it, right? Something about that recording just grabbed you. It could have been the lyric, the subject, the musical composition, the arrangment, or the incredible performance. Whatever it was, you knew it was extraordinary.

On this edition of American Jukebox Garrett Stack has created his list of extraordinary recordings. All of them top hits on the Billboard charts, they range from songs of protest to songs of faith, from rock and roll to quasi classical, from solo artists to groups, from the '60s and '70s.

Hit The Road!

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:57:51

America's love affair with cars and trucks has been written about in thousands of songs. Here are 32 to get you racin', ridin' & cruisin'. Put the top down, slide the sunroof back, crank up the volume and Hit The Road!

Hit_the_road_small American Jukebox 246. Hit The Road! - The '60s were fertile ground for songs about cars. It was the muscle car era and every one was immortalized in song. The GTO, Shelby Cobra, Mustang, and "shiny red super-stocked Dodge" in that little old lady's garage were just some. Then there were regular cars like a '57 Chevrolet, Cadillac, Rambler, Mercury, and the not so regular Hot Rod Lincoln.

On the truck side you had Alabama's 18-Wheeler Roll On, while Red Sovine tells us the stories of Giddy-up-Go and Teddy Bear, and then comin' home after Six Days On The Road, maybe in a Little Pink Mack as part of a Convoy.

The Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, Ronnie & the Daytonas and C. W. McCall join Chuck Berry, Johnny Rivers and even the Beatles in their cars and trucks. Put your top down, slide the sunroof back, open the windows and shine your stacks as you Hit The Road! on American Jukebox.

Broadway Musicals Get Real

From Garrett Stack | Part of the Broadway Bound series | 01:56:21

Many Broadway Musicals are based on real, events, history, disasters, heroes, villains and politics. Here are some of them.

Broadway_get_real_small Broadway Bound 273. Broadway Musicals Get Real: Somewhere in the '50s, composers, lyricists and book writers turned to real life events and people as source material for musicals. Some of them have been huge hits, others not so much. Nonetheless, the creativity of transforming disasters like the Titanic and 9/11, colorful entertainers like Fannie Brice, Annie Oakley, WIll Rogers and Charlie Chaplin, a miscarriage of justice for The Scottsboro Boys or looking at assassins and murderers from their point of view in Assassins and Bonnie and Clyde is breathtaking.
On this edition of Broadway Bound we'll look at 18 Broadway musicals that drew on real life for inspiration. 

Made In America

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:57:00

Tracing the hometown roots of our favorite Baby Boomer artists. One thing's for sure, they're all made in America.

Made_in_america_logo_small American Jukebox® 249. Made in America: There are four major recording centers in the United States: New York, Nashville, Chicago, Los Angeles, and formerly Detroit. Singers and groups flocked to these centers from all over the country to be part of that music scene. But, most all came from somewhere else. On this edition of American Jukebox, we've selected one artist from as many states as we could include in the two-hour program. 
From New England to the southwest, from the Pacific northwest to the heart of Dixie. From the mid-west to the far west and points in between, we hear the artists we love that call states across America their home. Who's from your state? Maybe they're on the list.

Baroque Rock & Pop

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:57:31

Do you love it when rock and pop are infused with classical music elements? There's a name for that: "Baroque Rock & Pop."

Baroque_rock___pop_icon_small American Jukebox® 253. Baroque Rock & Pop
There's something exciting when full orchestras are incorporated into our favorite rock, pop and soul records. In fact, the phenomenon of arranging for full orchestras to accompany teenagers' ditties started in the early 1960's and grew stronger since. There's a term that was first assigned to the Left Banke's "Walk Away Renee" by the PR pros promoting the record. "With its stately arrangments, brilliant use of keyboards and harpsichords, the soaring violins and the beautiful group harmonies, it's baroque pop." And so the story goes that was the first time the term was used to identify a genre of rock, pop and soul that infused classical music elements into the radio and jukebox hits of the day. 

The genre is also called chamber pop, orchestral rock, and even ork-rock. Early purveyors of the style were Phil Spector, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, The Walker Brothers, The Mamas and Papas, and the aforementioned Left Banke. Brian Wilson's Pet Sounds album with The Beach Boys is considered "exquisite baroque pop" and is the first pop/rock album entirely planned in this genre. It set the standard for others.

On this edition of American Jukebox 30 full-sound, fully-orchestrated gems span two decades of baroque rock, pop & soul. The Crystals lead off with Then He Kissed Me. Two selections by The Beach Boys from Pet Sounds follow shortly as do the Left Banks, Elton John, Barry White, The Bee Gees, Procal Harum, ELO and The Moody Blues. Miguel Rios belts a bit of Beethoven while Harper's Bizarre is light and groovy with their baroque sensibility.

Whatever you call it, it's all great music. Big hits, album cuts, and surprises are all part of the show. 

Hits, Flops & Revivals

From Garrett Stack | Part of the Broadway Bound series | 01:56:53

All part of Broadway Lore, musicals fit one or more of the categories: hit, flop, or revival. A new production of the "flop" Rags is the subject of an interview on this edition.

Flop_hit_revival_logo_240x240_small Broadway Bound 278: Hits, Flops & Revivals  - Even Rodgers and Hammerstein had flops. And, their many mega-hit musicals have been revived countless times. On this edition of Broadway Bound we look at examples of each: hits, flops and revivals from yesterday and today. And, yes, the John Steinbeck 1955 musical collaboration with Rodgers and Hammerstein gets a mention and a song.

Hits like Come From Away, Phantom of the Opera, The Lion King and Hamilton are featured along with revivals like Dolly, Miss Saigon and Cats. After the success of Bye, Bye, Birdie Charles Strouse and Lee Adams thought they would strike gold again in 1965. Oops. Even with Harold Prince behind the project, it was a flop. Find out which one.

At the top of the second hour, an interview with the director and leading actor from the overhauled and revised brand new production of Rags is on tap. Rags, considered a "flop," is being completely reworked from head to toe by its composers Charles Strouse and Stephen Schwartz, and new book writer David Thompson at the Goodspeed Opera House in East Haddam, Connecticut. (October 2017) Director Rob Ruggiero and lead character (Rebecca) actor Samantha Massell provide fascinating insights.

The Advice Show - REWORKED

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:56:52

When you think about it, a lot of songs give us advice or make us think.

Advice_booth_with_lucy_small American Jukebox® 185 The Advice Show: Those innocent songs we all know and sing every lyric to, seem innocuous. But when you stop and think about it, they are really directing us, giving us advice or making us think. Here's a whole show devoted to advice. Mama told me not come, Mama said there'd be days like this, Mama said love don't come easy, it takes time, and Mama said I better shop around. Betty said, "it's in his kiss," and Petula told us not to sleep in the subway. Jerry's mother said, "Only the strong survive." Words to ponder, dontcha think?

The British Invasion of 1964 REWORKED

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:57:26

When The Beatles arrived on America's shores, they opened the way for all things British. Many American recording careers were stopped in their tracks. 1964 saw the first wave of the invasion.

British_invasion_logo_200x200_small American Jukebox 183. The British Invasion of 1964 This edition of American Jukebox features the many British recording artists who arrived here on the coattails of The Beatles. To name some, The Dave Clark Five, The Animals, Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas, Peter and Gordon, Dusty Springfield, The Zombies, Herman's Hermits, The Rolling Stones, The Searchers, The Kinks, Gerry & the Pacemakers and Chad and Jeremy rose to stardom. It also includes some of the American recording artists whose careers were stopped by the British Invasion of 1964, including Bobby Rydell, Chubby Checker, The Crystals, The Ronettes and others as well as American acts that went head-to-head on the charts like The Four Seasons and The Beach Boys.
Regular features of Fun Test and Behind the #1 continue the British Invasion theme.

My Favorites - REWORKED

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:57:33

People often ask me: What's your favorite song?" My answer: I have about a thousand favorites. Here are three dozen.

Garry_headshot_2012edit_small American Jukebox 184 - My Favorites - REWORKED* - As a little boy I was brought under the spell of early rock 'n' roll. My love of pop, rock and soul has not stopped. I selected about three dozen of my favorites from the late '50s through the '70s for this personal show. It's all about what I like - from the Del Vikings and The Diamonds, to The Ronettes, Crystals and Chiffons, to The Four Seasons and The Spinners. Hope you like it too.
In this reworked edition of American Jukebox 184, the regular feature, "Top-3 On This Date," formerly part of all programs, has been removed and replaced with more of Garrett's favorites. All station ID references to WMNR have also been removed. The two 1-hour segments have been edited to be closer to 59 minutes each.

Broadway Goes To The Movies

From Garrett Stack | Part of the Broadway Bound series | 01:57:04

Through the decades many a Broadway musical was made into a major motion picture. Some of them even got the "Best Picture" Oscar.

Broadway_goes_to_the_movies_small Broadway Bound 284. Broadway Goes To The Movies
The "modern" musical, seen on Broadway first, was often produced and reworked for the movie-going public. Examples of big-budget transfers date back to the '40s and reached their heyday in the '50s and '60s. This edition of Broadway Bound takes a look 31 of those musical films that were born on the Broadway stage. Seven decades of movies are represented starting in 1950 with Annie Get Your Gun and coming well into the 21st century.

Noteables you'll think of include The King and I, The Sound of Music, West Side Story, Bye Bye Birdie and other vintage musicals. Some that might not come to mind could be Godspell, Mame, Oliver, Funny Girl, Chicago, Evita, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas and many others - 31 in all.

Grab some popcorn and let's go to the movies.

Songs To Empower Women

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:57:08

It took a while, but by the late '60s and beyond, songs about women taking charge emerged. Here's a fun bunch.

Songs_to_empower_women_small American Jukebox® 261 SONGS TO EMPOWER WOMEN

31 songs from the '60s through the '80s tell the story of how women started singing about themselves as strong, powerful, intelligent, and equal in all matters - sex included. From Helen Reddy's anthem I Am Woman, to Cyndi Lauper's Girls Just Wanna Have Fun the field is broad. Loretta Lynn made headlines in 1975 singing about the "pill" in The Pill. Working women are the subject of  9 To 5 and She Works Hard For the Money, and Bad Girls too - beep-beep -- toot-toot.

The mother of all empowerment songs has got to go to Lesley Gore's You Don't Own Me in 1964 and Bette Midler does a great cover of Peggy Lee's 1960s original I'm A Woman (W-O-M-A-N).

Many deep cuts rise to the surface like the Shangri-Las Motown-sounding chart entry (#99) Right Now Not Later, Dusty Springfield's 1970 #105 "bubbling under "I  Wanna Be A Free Girl. Bernadette Carroll's surprise #47 hit at the start of the British invasion in 1964, Party Girl, delights us while the Cookies remind us that Girls Grow Up Faster Than Boys Do and Cass Elliot compels us to believe that there's a New World Coming.

Perhaps the biggest surprise that we hear is sung by the only males to appear on this edition of American Jukebox. In 1965 Phil Spector and Brian Wilson were commissioned by the Advertising Council to write a PSA song about the changing world where race, color and gender don't matter. The song was titled Things Are Changing and aired in January 1966. Jay & the Americans were chosen to sing it. Lyrics are hopeful. Girls are urged to "get a good education. Race or color don't matter. There are lots of good jobs out there." It is an empowering effort and a real surprise. BTW -- Phil Spector produced it.

Have fun. Actually, Girls AND Boys Just Wanna Have Fun when the workin' day is done.

Leslie Gore Remembered & Great Movie Songs - REWORKED

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:57:22

Hour 1: Tribute to Lesley Gore who passed away on 2/16/15. She was 68.
Hour 2: Movies have provided us with great songs. Here are several.

Lesley_gore_prx_small American Jukebox #197. Lesley Gore Remembered & Great Movie Songs
At 16 years old, Lesley Gore's smash 1963 hit record, It's My Party, instantly propelled her to stardom. She had a string of pop hits in the 1960's and then branched out into more mature works and began to write songs. She performed for 50 years and was known by all who worked with her as one of the nicest, kindest and professional people they knew. She leaves behind a legacy of recorded music and legions of fans who saw her grow from pop-princess to consummate performer, even taking a stint on Broadway in Smokey Joe's Café. She toured in Funny Girl in the leading role as Fanny Brice, the iconic role made famous by Barbra Streisand. In the first hour of this American Jukebox, we remember Lesley Gore. The interview clips with Lesley Gore are courtesy of NYC-TV Media, from their Profiles series, with host Mickey Burns.
In the second hour, we start off with our regular feature, Fun Test, and focus on songs that came from the movies. The list includes mostly Academy Award Winning "Best Songs" from the '50s through the '90s. Surprising how many reached #1 on the Billboard charts.

The Men of Modern Broadway

From Garrett Stack | Part of the Broadway Bound series | 01:57:26

Yesterday's leading men in musicals have been replaced by new younger talents. The cycle of rising and fading stars is a fact of life. Here are the new guys.

Men_of_modern_broadway_small Broadway Bound 286 The Men of Modern Broadway
For a hundred years, then some, thrilling leading men have entertained and delighted Broadway audiences. They come on the scene, often slowly, and suddenly they're the new star, the toast of the town. Some of the greats from the past like Robert Preston, Zero Mostel, Yul Brenner, Jerry Orbach, Tommy Tune and Ben Vereen have since retired or passed away.

New names light the marquees. Norbert Leo Butz, Andy Karl, Christian Borle, Matthew Morrison, Steve Kazee, Billy Porter, Tony Yazbeck, Norm Lewis and so many more are "stars" and continue the traditions of musical entertainment. Others like Harvey Fierstein and Nathan Lane, though not "new," are stalwarts who provide the constant surprises we love at the theater.

On this edition of Broadway Bound, we look at the fresh male talents of the last 5-20 years that excite us in both new shows and revivals. How many do you know? How many have you seen? 

It Takes Two

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:58:00

Great Duos of the '60s and '70s filled the airwaves and jukeboxes. Many are long forgotten but found again on "It Takes Two."

It_takes_two_copy_small Americcan Jukebox® 265 It Takes Two
It's amazing when you focus on pop, rock and soul how many of the great records were made by duos. On this edition of American Jukebox we look at 33 recordings, many of which were top-10 hits but many others were not. So many forgotten records: like Teegarden and Van Winkle's "God, Love and Rock 'n' Roll," Mouth & MacNeal's "How Do You Do?" Sailcat's "Motorcycle Mama," and Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood's "Lady Bird," to name a few.

Major solo artists like Marvin Gaye recorded duets with many women. With Mary Wells the all but forgotten "What's the Matter With You Baby," and with Kim Weston this American Jukebox edition's namesake, "It Takes Two." Roberta Flack sang a few with Donny Hathaway.

Household duos like Simon & Garfunkle, Peter & Gordon, Chad & Jeremy, The Everly Brothers, The Righteous Brothers and the Bellemy Brothers are all represented. Jan & Dean, Ike & Tina, Dale & Grace, Dick & Dee Dee, Delany & Bonnie, Peaches & Herb, Ashford & Simpson and Zager & Evans help fill out the playlist along with many more. 

Enjoy listening to the power of two on this It Takes Two edition of American Jukebox.

The Well Respected Men

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:57:51

What's in a name? Under the name lies a man or boy. Some well-respected. Some not.

Well_respected_men_small American Jukebox® 266 The Well Respected Men
Songs with men's names in the title form the basis of this ecition of Americn Jukebox. Billy, Bob, Bill. Alejandrp, Fernando, Julio. Harry, Larry, Jack, Jim & Joe. Even Detective Shaft, Mr. Lucky and Quinn (The Eskimo) find themselves here. Who's your favorite? 34 songs to delight your masculine remembrances.

Disney On Broadway

From Garrett Stack | Part of the Broadway Bound series | 01:58:00

Since 1994, Disney Theatricals has brought outstanding stage musicals to Broadway, and the world.

Disney_on_broadway_small Broadway Bound 289 Disney On Broadway 

When Disney Theatricals was established in 1993, its first project was to bring Beauty & the Beast to the Broadway stage. With a major restoration of the famed New Amsterdam Theater on 42nd Street in New York, and excellent cooperation from the city to "clean up" the area, Beauty & the Beast came to town in 1994 and began the Broadway renaissance. Since then, Disney has launched numerous musicals based on their live action films and animated features. 

This editioin of Broadway Bound looks at 10 Disney produced musicals that have come to Broadway, including the first, Beauty & the Beast, and the newest (spring 2018), Frozen.

They're An American Band

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:58:00

All American bands from the '60s and '70s. They sing, they play instruments, and they make great music.

They_re_an_american_band_small American Jukebox® 267 They're An American Band 

Americans invented rock 'n' roll. American bands by the hundreds have recorded great songs from the start. On this edition nof American Jukebox every band is American. And when we say band, we mean they have to sing and play instruments too. Some came and went like the Buckinghams. Some had staying power like The Eagles, Chicago, and the Association. But none have endured like the Beach Boys.

Included here is a 5-track sampling of the new Beach Boys with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra recording. Released in June of 2018 the original vocals are complemented by the world renowned Royal Philharmonic. So full, so rich. Astonishing and beautiful. 
Over two dozen American Bands make their way to this American Jukebox. To name a few more there's the Doors, the Turtles, the Byrds, the Four Seasons, Tommy James & the Shondells, Sly & the family Stone, Earth Wind & Fire, Credence, the Rascals, The First Edition, the Doobie Brothers, Jefferson Airplane, Blood, Sweat & Tears and a bunch more.

Celebrate African American Pop, Rock & Soul - REWORKED

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:58:00

The Museum of African American History and Culture is cause for Americans to celebrate. We celebrate the music.

Celebrate_small American Jukebox® 231: Celebrate! REWORKED (two additional songs added; edited announcer talk, two 59:00 hours - 7/3/18)

On September 24, 2016 The Museum of African American History and Culture opened on the Capitol Mall in Washington D.C. It is a new building added to the Smithsonian Institution complex. Among its stories, the exhibits chronicle the contributions of African Americans to our national narrative. On this edition of American Jukebox® we celebrate the pop, rock and soul placed into the American music fabric by recording artists of the late '50s, '60's and '70's. 

There are so many giants and so little time. I apologize up front for having to excluded some. No particular reason, just no time.
However, you will hear pioneers like Fats Domino, Sam Cooke and Chuck Berry. And early girl groups like The Shirells and The Marvelettes. Enduring artsis like Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Patti LaBelle, James Brown, Stevie Wonder and Dionne Warwick are represented. And the super groups led by The Supremes and Martha and the Vandellas are bolstered by The O'Jays, Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes, The Impressions and Sly & the Family Stone. And so many more.

The contributions of these African American recording artists enriched our lives, brought understanding and made us laugh, cry and dance - a lot. Generations have followed, but these songs mark the beginning of the flow into white living rooms, car radios, transistor radios, record players and jukeboxes. We salute these contributions on this historic day in American History.

Life-Changing, Mind-Blowing Musicals - [Reworked]

From Garrett Stack | Part of the Broadway Bound series | 01:58:00

A few musicals, a dozen or so, have been life-changing, mind-blowing shows. Their impact is profound. This is my list. What's yours?

Life-changing_musicals_small Broadway Bound 294
Life-Changing, Mind-Blowing Musicals [Reworked*]

When you're in the theater and suddenly you say to yourself, "where am I?" you have just been transported to that magic place by the confluence of many theatrical elements that make the living stage sometimes breathtaking. I say sometimes, and perhaps even most of the time you may enjoy a show, but it's not life-changing.

On this Broadway Bound I offer my list of 12 musicals that have had a profound effect on me. The oldest is from 1969. The newest is from 2017.

This is my list and is incomplete due to to time constraints. But rest assured, these shows only rarely come along. Spoiler alert. Here they are:

Les Miserables
La Cage aux Folles
Sunset Boulevard
A Chorus Line
Sweeney Todd
Come From Away
Billy Elliot

* "Reworked" has had time-specific references removed like "on Broadway now." Very few edits from original broadcast – reworked 2-20-21.

Disco: A Closer Look - A Black History Special

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:57:58

The rise of this genre to the point of overtaking the air waves and station playlists hit its peak in 1978. Then the flame went out - or did it? You judge.

Disco_-_a_closer_look_small American Jukebox® 280 - Disco: A Closer Look - A Black History Special

The disco movement in popular music started in the early 1970's and by 1976 it was firmly established. Radio programmers, jukebox operators and dance clubs cashed in on the driving beat that liberated club goers and had others turning up the volume on car radios and stereo systems. With a few exceptions, the music was almost entirely perfromed and recorded by black artists. Record sales soared as artists like Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor, Barry White, The O'Jays, and countless others fed the industry.

What made this music stand out was the elaborate productions that included large orchestras, special sound effects, high energy vocals, and grit. It was a melding of soul, Latin rhythms, pop, and fine musicianship. The sum total was music that made you dance.

After steady growth and popularity in black, Latin and gay clubs radio finally started paying attention and by 1976 disco was in heavy rotation with rock. With the release of the disco-themed film, Saturday Night Fever, disco's crossover to mainstream America was cemented.

This unique sound, with many club-only megahits included in this program, is sure to have listeners dancing in thier kitchens, on their proches and in the streets.

The Love Show - A Valentine's Day Special (REWORKED)

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:58:00

Songs about love are ubiquitous in the pop, rock and soul canon. Here are three dozen from the '50s, '60s and '70s.

Love_logo_small American Jukebox #217: The Love Show - A Valentine's Day Special

The Love Show features songs about love from pop, rock and soul in the '50s, '60s and '70s. Starting with Fats Domino's "I'm In Love Again," moving throuh Dion and the Belmonts' "A Teenager In Love,' through the sixties with the Mamas & the Papas' "Words of Love" and Joan Baez's "Love Is Just A Four Letter Word."  Onward into the seventies groove with Bobby Womack, Al Green, Jim Croce, Billy Ocean, The Spinners, and John Paul Young's "Love Is In The Air." 

Facts about the songs and the artists as well as regular features Fun Test and Behind the #1 are all part of the 2-hour, 37-song love jaunt. 

The British Invasion: 1964-1967

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:58:00

For three years British recording artists dominated the American pop and rock charts. Their influence is a significant piece of popular music history.

British_invasion_prx_small American Jukebox® 281 The British Invasion: 1964-1967 see note...
(This is a different prorgam than a previous American Jukebox show called "The British Invasion - Reworked")

1964 marked the end of the first period in the "rock era." For one thing, the concept of a self-contained band with members singing, playing their own instruments, and writing their own songs was heretofore almost unheard of. The Beatles changed that. Starting in January 1964 the British Invasion took hold with a power never seen in the record business. Many American artists were now unemployed or their careers langusihed in a tidal wave of British acts.

The watershed moment came on Feb. 9, 1964 when the popular Ed Sullivan TV show featured The Beatles. A whopping 43% of the American population tuned in to that historic telecast. The floodgates opened.

By 1965 the invasion was so ubiquitous that during one week in May nine out of the top-10 positions on Billboard's Hot-100 were all British artists. There were groups, male and female solo acts, and duos. 

On this edition of American Jukebox 38 songs, most of them on the charts in 1964, 1965, 1966 and a few more after that represent the impact these British musicians had on America. As you would expect, some of the familiar groups include The Beatles, The Searchers, The Dave Clark Five, The Rolling Stones, The Hollies, Herman's Hermits, and Gerry and the Pacemakers and others. Not so familiar are groups like Them, Unit Four + 2, and The Honeycombs.

You may know the duos like Peter and Gordon, and Chad and Jeremy. And the solo acts like Petula Clark, Tom Jones, Donovan, Cilla Black and Engelbert Humperdinck.

A tight anthology of chart-making hits from Britsih artists best describes this edition of American Jukebox.

Oscar on the Corner of Hollywood & Broadway

From Garrett Stack | Part of the Broadway Bound series | 01:58:00

Call it cross pollination or call it mixed genealogies, but Broadway musicals and movie musicals are big business and earn big awards.

Hollywood___broadway_logo_prx_small Broadway Bound 301
Oscar on the Corner of Hollywood & Broaadway

Many a movie musical has come to the stage, and many a stage musical has come to the screen. People always seem to have their opinions about which one is better. In reality the second version is often different in many ways from the first. Sometimes the story line is reworked and often new songs are added. On this edition of Broadway Bound we look at the results of cross pollination and delight in the outcomes.

How many can you name off the top of your head that have been in Hollywood first then on Broadway? And, of course, the other way around. Maybe they'll show up here on Broadway Bound.

Luck O' the Irish

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:57:52

Irish-Americans and Irish-born hitmakers from the '60s and '70s are abundantly represented on this Luck of the Irish edition of American Jukebox®.

Luck_o__the_irish_small Ameican Jukebox® 283
Luck O' the Irish

Call it luck or call it talent, Irish singers, like other ethnic groups, have made their mark on American and international pop and rock music. On this edition we've culled the Billboard charts in the 1960's and 1970's to find the best of the best with Irish heritage. Some born here, some born in Ireland, but all Irish. And, we've picked out a few of Ireland's most popular songs of all time to shine brightly sung by some non-Irish greats like Joan Baez and Peter, Paul & Mary.

There are McGuires and Morrisons, McGoverns, McCanns, McDonalds, O'Days and O'Sullivans, Collins, MacGregors and Branigans. 

Sad and serious, fun and frolicking, these songs run the gamut. From the ill-fated unicorns to the pony lost in the blizzard, from the traditional Danny Boy and A Great Day for the Irish, to the Gaelic Storm's Johnny Tarr a drinkin' cuss of a man, they're on this Irish jukebox. Did you know "There's No One As Irish as Barack O'bama"? Ireland's Corrigan Brothers tell us about it.

Top o' the mornin' or evenin' to ya! 

Mamas, Wives & Ladies

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:58:00

Paying respect through song to the wisdom, love and beauty, to mothers, wives and the wonderful women in our lives.

Mamas_wives_ladies_prx_small American Jukebox® 285
Mamas, Wives & Ladies

Your perfect Mother's Day playlist. 32 pop, rock and soul songs about mothers, lovers, wives and women fill this edition of American Jukebox. From early R&B with Ruth Brown to '60s classics by The Shirelles, The Beatles, The Stones, and The Supremes on to the '70s greats like Nilsson, Streisand, Paul Simon, and Willie Nelson. They're all here. Big hits, little hits and deep cuts tell the story.

Mama said there'd be days like this and she didn't lie. When she said, "don't take your guns to town, son, don't take your guns to town," she knew he'd get in big trouble, and he did. He died. But one of her other rebel sons admitted "Mama tried," nonetheless, he turned 21 in prison in for life without parole.

Diana Ross and the SUpremes were ashamed of mom because she always wore that dirty dress, scrubbin' floors, eatin' right from the cook pot. But daughter went uptown and denied even having a mother. Then Mom died and daughter spent the rest of life "Livin' In Shame". Not so for Dolly Parton. She was poor too and her mother sewed her a "Coat of Many Colors" from rags people gave her family. Kids laughed but she loved her coat stitched with love and blessed with a kiss.

John Lennon longed for his mother, "Julia," whom he was taken from at age 5, and she died in an auto accident when John was 17. ANd like most kids, The Intruders proclaim "I'll Always Love My Mama."

You get the idea. Have fun. "Your Mother Should Know."

Some Rare - Some Not

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:58:00

From the '60s , '70s and into the '80s: A collection of hits and deeper cuts. Some minor charters by major artists.

Some_rare_some_not_small American Jukebox® 287
Some Rare - Some Not

This set starts in 1964 with a classic song by a major artist that only reached #99 on Billboard's Hot-100. From there we wend our way through minor and major contributions from one hit wonders to established legends throughout the '60s, '70s and into the '80's. 32 classic pop, rock and soul tracks fill this edition of American Jukebox: Some Rare - Some Not.

The Yin-Yang Top-10

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:58:00

When you look closely, it's hard to believe that two so totally different songs could share Billboard's Top-10 during the same week.

Yin-yang_top-10_prx_small American Jukebox® 288
The Yin-Yang Top-10

Chart performance is an undisputable measure of a record's success. To reach the Top-10 on Billboard Magazine's Hot-100 pop chart is a sure sign of commercial success. Record buyers plunked down their dollars, popped in their coins, called radio stations and made these songs "winners." You don't have to like everything personally, but give these records credit for reaching a milestone in the music business.

Without apologies, here are 17 pairs of songs that have one thing in common, and little else. They shared the national spotlight during the same week in the top-10 on Billboard's Hot-100. For this program we selected two wildly different songs for each week. For instance, Johnny Rivers' Memphis and Getz and Gilberto's Girl From Ipanema shared the top-10 on July 18, 1964. On June 4, 1966, Frank Sinatra's Strangers In The Night shared the top-10 with Rainy Day Woman #12 & 35 and Bob Dylan. Redbone's Come and Get Your Love had the unlikely distinction of sharing the top-10 with Sister Janet Mead's rock version of The Lord's Prayer on April 20, 1974, while a year later Phoebe Snow's gentle Poetry Man shared the top-5 with Ringo Starr's raggae-tinged The No-No Song on April 12, 1975.

That's the idea. Yin-Yang is a Chinese philosophical concept of opposites complementing each other to form a new whole. These examples illustrate opposites aligning that helped form Billboard's weekly Top-10.


From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:57:45

On August 15-18, 1969, the largest gathering of people, ever to be in one place, happened in Bethel, New York at the Woodstock Art and Music Festival. This legendary event had between 400,000 and 500,000 music fans in attendance.

Garrett Stack

Woodstock_prx_240aj_292_small American Jukebox® 292

To mark the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, the largest festival of any kind ever held in the world, this special edition of American Jukebox is focused on the artists, the songs they sang at Woodstock and some of the lore surrounding the festival. The muisc includes several live performance recorded at Woodstock as well as other recordings of songs performed by those artists.
Starting on Friday night, August 15, 1969 and moving chronologically to Monday morning, the sounds, the crowd, the songs are captured here.

From Richie Havens, Arlo Guthrie and Joan Baez to Jefferson Airplane, Credence Clearwater Revival, and Sly and the Family Stone, you'll be taken to another time and place - WOODSTOCK 1969.

Gritty Girls of Rock 'n' Roll

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:58:00

You know the ones. They growl and take charge of their songs. They demand your attention. They've got grit.

Gritty_girls_of_rock__n__roll_prx240_small American Jukebox® 293
Gritty Girls of Rock 'n' Roll

The boys get the credit for rock and roll, don't they? Countless boy singers and boy groups put rock and soul on the map. But girls stepped up and a new sound was born. They could be oh so sweet and dreamy. But they could also growl and take you on a ride. They got in your face and made you pay attention. They didn't shy away from anything. These are the GRITTY GIRLS of ROCK 'n' ROLL.

Brenda Lee could growl. Connie Francis could growl. Timi Yuro, Doris Troy and Darlen Love could growl. The Orlons, The Chiffons, The Ronnettes and Crystals could growl. Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor and Millie Jackson had the grit to growl. Over three dozen chances to hear the 
GRITTY GIRLS of ROCK 'n' ROLL this edition of American Jukebox.

As Heard on TV

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:58:00

Television commercials draw heavily on hit songs from the Baby Boomer generation. Here's a whole bunch – 32 to be exact.

As_heard_on_tv_prx_240_small American Jukebox® 299

When you watch television commercials you are probably hooked into watching more intently when you hear a familiar song that you like. The more intently you watch, the more you will know about that product. The music, song, will awaken good feelings that advertisers hope you'll transfer to feeling good about what they're selling. It's all psychological.

For decades the use of familiar songs in advertising has been a go-to strategy - because it works.

On this edition of American Jukebox® we look at hit songs from the '60s & '70s that have been used, or considered for use, in television commercials. The product that the song tried to pitch is all documnted in the commentary. For fun, here are a few examples:

• Elvis's Viva Las Vegas was reworked to Viva Viagra. Not to be outdone, Cialis took Be My Baby.
• A hemmerhoid medication company unsuccessfully tried to use Ring of Fire to advertise its product. 
• The now defunct Southern New England Telephone Company used Don't Hang Up to promote phone use in the '80s.
• Jeep proudly stated Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing to position itself in the crowded field of SUV's.
• Nissan's modest car would surprise you when you drove it. Your reaction: You're the Devil in Disguise.
• When Coca Cola introduced Coke with lime, they used Nilsson's song Coconut and changed the words to "You put the lime in  the Coke, you nut," rather than the original "You put the lime in the coconut."

Just a few samples to pique your curiosity. Your listeners will love it.

Women Composers of Pop, Rock & Soul

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:58:00

In the early 1960s women songwriters started to emerge. By the '70s and '80s they had come into their full glory. Here they are.

Women_writers_of_pop__rock___soul_prx240_small American Jukebox® 303
Women Composers of Pop, Rock & Soul

In the vastly male-dominated world of pop, rock & soul composers and lyricists a change started to occur in the early 1960s. Three of the most successful composing teams of all time emerged, each one included a female. With their male writing partners, Carole King, Ellie Greenwich and Cynthia Weil were churning out hit after hit for the nation's leading solo artists and groups. Jackie DeShannon was an early pioneer as well. In the 1970s the female singer-songwriter emerged in her full glory and continues to this day.

On this edition of American Jukebox® we celebrate the female composers of pop, rock & soul in the '60s, '70s and ''80s and give you 30 examples of what we're talkin' about. 

UR There

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:58:00

The sound, the emotion, the energy is all different in live concerts. UR There takes you to the venue and gives you a front row seat.

UR There
Garrett Stack

You_are_there_prx_small American Jukebox® 309
UR There

There's nothing quite like the excitement of being at a live performance. You're part of a community of fans and singers that are united in the music. The give and take from the stage and the audience often creates magic, one of a kind, one time only magic, never to be experienced again.

On this edition of American Jukebox® we take you to 27 live events where you can feel the excitement, the energy, the spontaneity from our favorite Baby Boom era bands and soloists. The cool thing is, in many cases the artists have recorded these tracks long after the hits were heard on the radio, sometimes revisiting their songs 20, 30 or 40 years later. Their interpretation has changed after singing and playing the songs for decades.

27 artists are featured: Barry Manilow, Gladys Knight & the Pips, Neil Diamond, The Beatles, Johnny Rivers, Johnny Mathis, Bob Dylan & Joan Baez, Peter Paul & Mary, Harry Chapin, Elvis Presley, Bruce Springsteen, Donna Summer and Bette Midler are among them.

Grab your front row seat and get ready to sing and dance and be amazed. Why? Because UR There!

Summers Across the Charts: Part 1 - The '60s

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:57:52

#1 hits of summers past that appeared simultaneously in their genre on Billboard's Hot-100, R&B, and Country charts. Three from each summer, 1960 – 1969.

Across_the_charts_prx_small American Jukebox® 327
Summers Across the Charts: Part 1 - the '60s

All researched by Joel Whitburn's Record Research Inc., the international authority, Billboard's charts hold countless surprises and ways to look at popular music. On this edition of American Jukebox we look at Billboard's Hot-100, R&B, and Country charts. To be included on this program the song had to be a #1 hit on one of these charts during the summer of a particular year. #1 on the Hot-100, and another #1 on R&B, and another #1 on the Country chart. These records had to appear between May 15 and September 15 of each summer of the 1960's. These were the giant summer hits in each genre. And in many cases, songs were on more than one chart.

Depending on what part of the country you were listening to the radio, you may have heard different music genres. It is especially noteworthy that much of the South was steeped heavily in Country, while northern cities had a great share of R&B and Hot-100 pop and rock.

Summer by summer, we take #1 hits, one each from the Hot-100, from R&B and from Country. These songs were all on American radios at the same time, during the summers of the 1960's.

Where were you listening? What are your summer hit memories? You'll find them here.

Part 2 of this American Jukebox mini-series is Summers Across the Charts: the 1970's.

Hit the Road!

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:58:00

Drivin', ridin', truckin'. We're on the road in everything from a Corvair (yes a song about a Corvair) to a Cadillac, from a Chevy Van to a Mack truck.

Hit_the_road_prx_small American Jukebox® 329

Three dozen classic songs from pop, rock, country and soul about America behind the wheel. We're on the road in song by Ray Charles, The Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, Willie Nelson, George Jones, Wilson Pickett, Aretha Frankln, Bruce Springsteen and so many more.

There's a girl in a little pink Mack, a guy who's got the Mercury blues, a crazy old lady who drives a supoerstoicked Dodge, and two other guys who lament the loss of their old cars, I mean one a car and the other his hearse "Mort." And let's not forget Aretha on the freeway of love in a pink Cadillac whie the Newbeats are proud of their tough little buggy known as a Corvair.

We're taking country roads to Drag City and at times spending six days on the road. It's a long and winding road from start to finish but listeners love it and so will you. Hop in that Mercedes Benz and make yourself king or queen of the road.

For the love of the road!

City Hoppin': US Cities in Song

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:58:00

City names have made their way into songs of every genre. Here's 33 of them.

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City Hoppin': US Cities in Song

Literally tens of thousands of recordings have a US city in their title or in their lyric. In this case we look at 33 of them that span the late '50s, '60's and '70s in pop, rock, folk-rock and country. From New York to San Francisco, from Chicago to Houston, from Memphis to Phoenix, and points in between, we celebrate the US cities in song.

2021 Rolling Stone Magazine's 500 Best Songs Ever

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:58:00

Drawing from Rolling Stone Magazine's 2021 list, the first one since 2004, we look at the top-100 and select 28 songs from the 1960s and 1970's. Starting at #100 and ending with #1.

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2021 Rolling Stone Magazine's 500 Best Songs Ever

It was 17 years between Rolling Stone Magazine's famed list of the 500 Best Songs Ever and this 2021 editionMuch has changed during that time. And, although the 2004 list was dominated by early rock classics, the new list isn't. Hip-hop, R&B, Country, Indie Rock and other genres now hold their own. 

However, in keeping with the demographic of American Jukebox only songs from the '60s and '70s were selected and the countdown is from the Top-100 not the entire Top-500.

Surprises and omissions as well as classic "of course" songs make the cut. Starting at #100 and counting down through 28 records on the list to #1. Do you love a list? Here's a great one, 17 years in the making.

House and Home

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox® series | 01:58:00

Home and house usually mean happiness, warmth and safety. It's where you live, grow, and love. Travel home.

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House and Home

Throughout the history of song, "home" and "house" have been topics where composers have found gold. The very sound of the word "home" conjurs up thoughts of love and security, warmth and happiness, safety and comfort. Homes are most often in dwellings – of all types. In general we say "house." Our home is in a house. Not always safe and secure, some homes are sad, some houses take the life from you.

On this edition of American Jukebox we will go from the light side of Fats Domino's "I Want To Walk You Home," and Aretha Franklin's "This is the House That Jack Built," to the sadder side of Brook Benton's "A House is not a Home," to Bruce Springsteen's "My Hometown."She's Leaving Home" by the Beatles and "I Can Never Go Home Anymore" by the Shangri-Las give us pause, while "Home Is Where the Heart Is," "You're My Home," "Our House," and "Take Me Home Country Roads" make us fuzzy. Cher sings "Take Me Home," and that is something else again.

32 expressions of House and Home will bring your listeners up, and down, while they reflect on what they feel about their house and home.