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What's the Story behind this Plaque?

From Ron Johnson | Part of the Because It Matters series | 15:01

Few people have ever been to Bly, Oregon. Fewer people know the story of what happened at Bly. Here's the story behind the plaque.

Tumblr_inline_mzkygdv1yx1rnlhn1_small If you drive about 8 miles outside of Bly, Oregon, towards Gearthart Mountain, you’ll find a plaque alongside Leonard Creek. There’s always a story that explains every plaque. And every time you see a plaque, you should be a little curious about why it’s there. The story that the plaque at Bly tells us is one you should hear. Few people know about it because the government, at the time, censored any news about it. And it’s a deeply personal story that will give you pause. But then there’s the twists in the story. Isn’t there always a twist or two in a great story? You’ll find out what happens next to Reverend Archie Mitchell after that fateful Saturday morning at Leonard Creek. And then there’s what happens 54 years later that puts Bly back on the front page of newspapers all around the world.

Why didn't the Captain hear them say the plane was running out of fuel?

From Ron Johnson | Part of the Because It Matters series | 08:42

United 173 crashed six miles short of the runway at Portland, Oregon. It had run out of fuel. Ten people were killed. How could that happen?

2129589191_6006773170_b_small How could an experienced, veteran crew fly a plane until it runs out of fuel, crashing short of the runway, kiling ten people.  United 173 left Denver bound for Portland with plenty of fuel on board.  But it ran out of fuel before it could safely land.  And the First Officer and the Flight Engineer knew they were dangerously low on fuel.