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Stuck in the Psychedelic Era (Series)

Produced by Stephen R Webb

Most recent piece in this series:

PE 2312

From Stephen R Webb | Part of the Stuck in the Psychedelic Era series | 01:58:00

PE 2312
Stephen R Webb

Vanilla_fudge_small After squeezing in a record number of tunes last week, I figured it was time to stretch out a bit....but not until the second hour. To do that we pulled out three extra-long Advanced Psych tracks, including something from the first Weather Report album (recorded back before anyone had come up with the term jazz-rock fusion). And in our last segment we have back-to-back tracks from the original Vanilla Fudge and the band that was called by some critics "the British Vanilla Fudge" (both of which are, of course, cover songs). See https://thehermitrambles.blogspot.com/ for complete playlist.