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Playlist: Emily Chou's Portfolio

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Latitude News Podcast #1 - Uganda, U.S. Exporting Anti-Gay Pressure

From Latitude News | 16:57

Meet the American pastor being sued for persecuting gay Ugandans.

Rtr2aaxg_small As American evangelicals have lost battles against the gay rights movement in the U.S., some have taken the fight to countries that are friendlier to their agenda. Few countries have been more welcoming than Uganda, and few Americans have been more vocal than Scott Lively. This story traces Lively’s connection to Uganda's anti-gay movement, and how that movement is tearing the American evangelical community in half.

Latitude News Podcast #2 - Two Nations, Under Cod

From Latitude News | 10:50

American cod fishermen are broke. Norwegian cod fishermen make $100,000/year. What's up with that?

Atlantic_cod_small What’s for dinner? Probably not cod. Cod was once so common in American homes it was simply called “fish.” Now you’ll find cod featured on menus in fancy restaurants. When the cod fishery collapsed in the 1990s, it devastated fishing communities around the world. The American towns still have not recovered; meanwhile, Norway is catching record amounts of cod. What’s so special about Norway? Latitude investigates.