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Playlist: Courtney Schrock's Portfolio

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The State We're In: Columbus Day Special

From Radio Netherlands Worldwide | 53:29

Columbus Day special on the rights of indigenous peoples

Smalltswipicture_small This week on The State Were In, we mark Colombus Day by looking at the rights of indigenous peoples. We hear about the struggle of the people of the Chagos Islands to return home, the rights of Mohawk women, the Maoris, Inuits, and Berbers.

The Tribal Beat 3/11/07

From KSUT | 29:01

Weekly Native News magazine celebrating current happenings in Indian Country. This edition tells of a new radio program called "Indigenous Politics", broadcasting from Connecticut. Also, news of two Native comedies being staged at Native Voices at the Autry this summer: Berlin Blues by Drew Hayden Taylor and Super Indian by Arigon Starr.

Kauanui_small Every week the Tribal Beat brings news from around Indian Country about things that affect the lives of Native Americans. We also have Notes from Indian Country, a Ute word for the week and the Hoopla, an entertainment and events calendar.

HV017- No Place Like Home

From Hearing Voices | Part of the Hearing Voices series | 54:00

Shifts in Time & Towns


Host: Scott Carrier of Hearing Voices

The places we live and the people who live there; a desert, a city, two small towns, and another country:

Host Scott Carrier has a cultural history of the Great Salt Lake's "West Desert," a land of polygymists, bombing ranges, and toxic waste incinerators. There's chlorine gas in the air, anthrax stored underground, and people who call the place home.

Sarah Vowell's childhood move from rural Oklahoma to small-town Montana was, for her, a change from the middle ages to a modern metropolis.

Also, two Stories from the Heart of the Land: NYC native Natalie Edwards hates grass, bugs, dirt, and trees, but attempts a walk thru Brooklyn's Prospect Park; and Carmen Delzell tells why she moved to and has stayed in Mexico.