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Musician's Spotlight - Marc Cohn - 601

From John Floridis | Part of the Musician's Spotlight series | 29:31

Grammy Award winning pianist and singer songwriter Marc Cohn visits with host John Floridis.

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John Floridis hosts Marc Cohn- An Encore Broadcast
Date of broadcast: June 11th
Contact information for producer:
John Floridis | john@johnfloridis.com
Program description:
1991 saw the ascent of Marc Cohn's career, as he took home the Grammy Award for Best New Artist. In the two decades since he has continually raised the musical bar with his piano based, gospel-blues folk songs recorded on a series of self-titled albums and heard in concerts all over the world. A harrowing near-death experience in 2005 actually helped focus him even more as a musician as well as a man.

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