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We all have a song to sing... Credit:
We all have a song to sing...

Art of the Song is a one-hour public radio program heard on over 150 stations across the country. The show explores universal truths common to all creative expression. We hope you’ll find useful tools and information here to help you explore your own creative process, whether it be music, writing, visual arts, or just living your life as a work of art. We all have a song to sing…


The Handsome Family Live from the Outpost

From Art of the Song | Part of the Art of the Song series | 59:00

With a following that is closely approaching Cult status, The Handsome Family (Brett & Renie Sparks) clue us into the fantastic journeys they take to create their unique sound. A mix of Goth/Folk/new grass with a touch of Johnny Cash, The Handsome Family makes for a unique hour of dark comedic talk and music.

Handsome-family_small After a hiatus from the virtual hallowed halls of PRX, Art of the Song Creativity Radio is back with programming that invites listeners to discover the nature of creative process.

Exploring the personal stories of a diverse company of singer songwriters like Janis Ian, Robert Mirabal, Greg Brown, Anjelique Kidjo, Rahim Alhaj, Gretchen Peters, Dr. John and Ryan Tedder, Art of the Song’s hosts Vivian Nesbitt & John Dillon follow their guests beyond standard responses of where a song comes from to the intersection of everyday life and the universality of creative expression. With a uniquely intimate, comprehensive, and often intuitive interview style Art of the Song provides a conversational experience in which listeners recognize their own creative potential.

These timely discussions reflect the appearance of creativity in recent news. IBMs study of 1500 CEOs determined that creativity is the number one quality needed to survive and succeed in the current economic climate, underscored by Newsweek’s cover articles written by Po Bronson, finding that America is experiencing a Creativity Crisis. Art of the Song offers an educational and entertaining show of pragmatic insights into the concept and misconceptions of creativity.

For six years, Art of the Song has been providing consistent, high quality content to an increasing number of stations in the public radio system. Currently serving 200 stations with 300 shows in the archive Art of the Song Creativity Radio is balanced 50/50 talk and music. Proven to be very popular with listeners, Art of the Song fits well in transition times between afternoon news and talk into evening music programming, or weekend programming that highlights local folk and acoustic shows.

Art of the Song Creativity Radio has developed three formats for their programming keeping the sound fresh and always evolving.

Standard format is comprised of interview, supporting music and two short features, The Creativity Corner in which artists and non-artists alike (often drawn from listeners) give an account of their personal experiences with the creative process; and the Song Analyst which goes into detail on the craft of songwriting using lessons about techniques used to make songs sound good, to further the understanding of creativity at work.

Concerts and Conversations is an alternative format. This is a live show recorded with an audience. These shows often include a lively Q & A with audience members at the end of the interview. There are no short segments in programs recorded live.

A third offering is the AOTS Special: either focused on a particular recording effort of note (eg: We Are All Connected: Music for The People of Darfur from Berklee College of Music & Song Of America - which includes a rare interview with Atty General Janet Reno) or music for the season - the annual Holiday Sampler, a joyous, sometimes hilarious visit to music of the winter holidays.

52 weekly shows with 26 new programs per year and 26 repeats from prior years.

All shows available as 59:00 minute with floating break or 53:50 two segment.
Content is delivered either by CD or via download from the Art of the Song server.

Kinky Friedman Live from Caffè Lena

From Art of the Song | Part of the Art of the Song series | 59:00

On this episode of Art of the Song Live from Caffè Lena we bring you none other than Kinky Friedman.

Kinky-friedman_small On this episode of Art of the Song Live from Caffè Lena we bring you none other than Kinky Friedman. Love him, hate him, hate yourself for laughing so hard at the songs that so skillfully lampoon so many of our sacred topics, The Kinkster has that rare ability to shine comedy into some of humanity’s darkest places. Songwriter, novelist, politician with a twist, Kinky Friedman brings his CD Resurrection out on tour. Poetic, insightful with his usual laser wit and word play, the album offers up another side of the myth we love to laugh with.