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Playlist: The Truth's Portfolio

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Moon Graffiti

From The Truth | 15:21

What if Apollo 11 had crashed?

Moon Graffiti
The Truth

Moongrafitti_prx_image_small “That’s one small step for a man; one giant leap for mankind.” We all know the quote, the triumphant story. It seems written in stone. But Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong came within inches of tragedy when they landed Apollo 11. Moon Grafitti imagines what it might have sounded like if things had gone a little differently. Based on a contingency speech written by William Safire for Richard Nixon titled “In the Event of Moon Disaster.”

We're still experimenting with how to best format our series. If you would like to air this piece without our host intro, credits, or sonic ID, we are more than happy to make a different version that would better suit your needs (and we'll do it quickly!). Please let us know what you think, we are always looking for ways to make our show better.


Eat Cake

From The Truth | 10:35

Can coconut cake + random phone calls = love? Find out, when these two Valentine's Day traditions collide.

Eat Cake
The Truth

Valentines2_small Elizabeth and Brian are strangers. It's Valentine's Day. They're lonely, as usual. But things will be different this year, when one random call from the phone book and a slice of coconut cake collide. This fictional romantic comedy was originally produced for Weekend America's final broadcast in January 2009.

Original music composed and performed by the producer specifically for this piece.

Lucy and the Bike Girl

From Hillary Frank | 10:27

Lucy can never meet her best friend in person because it might cut her life expectancy in half.

Bike_bell_small_small Lucy, a 28-year-old with cystic fibrosis, meets the "Bike Girl," who has the same disease, in an Internet chat room. They are both, against the advice of friends and doctors, trying to get pregnant. They quickly become friends but can never meet in person, because the Bike Girl carries a bacteria in her lungs that is toxic to anyone with cystic fibrosis. This piece is an experiment in combining fact and fiction. The interview tape is all from a real interview; the narration is semi-fictional.


From The Truth | 17:53

An audio drama from The Truth, about a taxi ride interrupted.

The Truth


An audio drama from The Truth: A taxi driver is working on his anniversary, and gets more than he expected when he picks up a couple in Lower Manhattan. 
Christian Paluck as The Driver
Chet Siegel as Mary
Louis Kornfeld as Frank
Amy Warren as Morgan
with Ed Herbstman, Melanie Hoopes, Charlotte Rabbe, and Jamie Rivera
Written by The Truth
Produced by Jonathan Mitchell
Production advisors: Peter Clowney & Kerrie Hillman 
Recorded on location in New York City

Everybody SCREAM!!!

From The Truth | 10:32

Spin class gets personal.

Disco_ball_purple_small On this episode of The Truth, we're going to spin class. Warm up that saddle and pick up the pace, as we go inside the imaginations of two very competitive women.

Chet Siegel as Sam
Emily Tarver as Lisa
Ed Herbstman as Kirk
Produced by Jonathan Mitchell
written collaboratively by The Truth, from a story by Chet Siegel

Special thanks: Peter Clowney, Kerrie Hillman, Madeline Sparer and Chris Bannon. Recorded at WNYC and on location in New York City

People Beat

From The Truth | 12:18

High school sophomore Samantha O'Connell has just won a math award, and Gary Vosot is on the story.

People Beat
The Truth


A story about a girl who says some things she regrets when she is interviewed by the local news.

Performed by India Kotis, Matt Evans, Melanie Hoopes, Carmen Berkeley, Matt J. Weir, Bryn Magnus, Christian Paluck, Ed Herbstman, and Amy Warren. With Tim Dadabo was the announcer, and Louis Kornfeld, Chet Siegel, Leanne Linsky, Jon Bander, and Kelly Moylan as the party guests. Produced & directed by Jonathan Mitchell. Editoral guidance from Kerrie Hillman and Peter Clowney. Written collaboratively by The Truth, inspired by the Gary Vosot character, created by Matt Evans. 

Tape Delay

From The Truth | 14:15

The recording doesn't lie.

Tape Delay
The Truth


A story about a man who makes an unexpected discovery when he accidentally records a phone call.

Ed Herbstman as Ben

Tami Sagher as Erica

Libby Geroge as Mom

Christian Paluck as the Bartender

Produced & directed by Jonathan Mitchell

Written by Jonathan Mitchell, Ed Herbstman, and Melanie Hoopes

Editors: Ira Glass, Peter Clowney, Kerrie Hillman, Lisa Pollack, and Jonathan Menjivar

Recorded at WNYC, Magnet Theater, and on location in New York City

Originally produced for This American Life

That's Democracy

From The Truth | 12:27

A teacher gives his students lesson about democracy that they'll never forget.


The students in a high school civics class don't seem very intersted in learning about how democracy works. So their teacher goes to extreme measures to get their attention. 

Performed by Peter McNerney as Mr. Mohr, Russ Armstrong as Eric, and Alexis Lambright as Margaret, with  Fiona Bradford, Teddy Shivers, Oscar Montoya, and Ben Jones as the principal. From an outline by Louis Kornfeld. Produced & directed by Jonathan Mitchell.

WARNING: This story deals with highly sensitive subject matter. It includes gun shots, and takes place in a classroom. Please use listener discretion.

In Good Hands

From The Truth | 23:46

A pair of urban explores sneak into an abandoned subway tunnel.

In Good Hands
The Truth


A pair of urban explores sneak into an abandoned subway tunnel. What happens next is our secret...

performed by
Emily Tarver as Gretchen
Alex Marino as Michael
Louis Kornfeld as Ernie
Christian Paluck as Doc
Ed Herbstman as Flash
Amy Warren as Amy
and Ben Jones as the beggar in the subway
Written collaboratively by The Truth, with dialogue improvised by the actors.
Recorded on location in New York City.

Produced and directed by Jonathan Mitchell. 

Human Intelligence

From The Truth | 22:43

A story by Kurt Anderson about melting icecaps and extraterrestrial spies.


This dramatized story by Kurt Andersen (host of WNYC's Studio 360), without giving too much away, is about melting icecaps and extraterrstrial spies. There's a suprise twist that gives this story special relevance at Christmastime, but that's all we're saying. 
Narrated by Ed Herbstman, with John Ottavino as Nicholas, and Melanie Hoopes as Nancy.

Produced and directed by Jonathan Mitchell.
The story editor was David Kransow.

The unabridged version was published in Stories: All New Tales, an anthology edited by Neil Gaiman and Al Sarrantonio.
This story originally aired on Studio 360, and is presented here as part of the podcast The Truth, which presents a new work of audio fiction every two weeks.

Do You Have a Minute for Equality?

From The Truth | 14:53

A canvasser gets the donation she needs, but it will cost her.


A movies for your ears about a canvasser who is offered the donation she needs, but at a price.

performed by
Chet Siegel and Tom Ligon
With Matt J. Weir, Quentin Loder, and Melanie Hoopes.
The story was written by Chet Seigel, and it was developed collaboratively by the Truth, with dialogue improvised by the actors.

Produced and directed by Jonathan Mitchell. 
Special thanks to Brendan Baker for his sound design help on this episode, you can hear more of his work on the podcast Love and Radio, which can be heard online at loveandradio.org.

The Modern Prometheus

From The Truth | 16:22

A satire about a corporation that becomes a person.

Modern_prometheus_small Part "Frankenstein," part "2001: A Space Odyssey," this satire by Tony Award-winning playwright Greg Kotis (Urinetown) explores what happens when a corporation is given human-like consciousness. 

Louis Kornfeld as Victor
Rachel Hamilton as Elizabeth
Chet Siegel as Ms. Moritz
Tom Ligon as Mr. Waldman
Vanina Kondova as Mrs. Delacey
Christian Paluck as Robert and Franklin
Ed Herbstman as Phil
Amy Warren as the Canadian
and Rupert Degas was the voice in the advertisements.

Written by Greg Kotis
Produced by Jonathan Mitchell


Domestic Violins

From The Truth | 06:53

The orchestra needs a new third chair, second violinist, and the audition process is grueling.


The orchestra needs a new third chair, second violinsit. In this short radio drama, we listen in on their grueling audition process. This story was created at the Radio Beyond Radio Conference in Sydney Australia, hosted by the Austrailian Broadcasting Corporation. We lead a weeklong workshop with a a group of producers and performers, and this story was the culmination of that workshop. The dialogue in this story was improvised by the actors.
performed by
Amie McKenna
Martin Dingle Wall
Michael Whaley
and Michele Durman
The violin was performed by Catherine Roberts.
Produced by Jonathan Mitchell and Ed Herbstman.

Happy New Year

From The Truth | 12:18

You're invited to spend New Year's Eve with Walt Avery.

Happy New Year
The Truth

Newyear_icon_2_small Walt Avery is throwing a New Year's Eve party. He's invited all his friends, and expects a big crowd. Who will show up? And who won't? In this short story, we spend an evening with a man coming to terms with the death of his wife, and the choices he has made to preserve her memory.

Performed by Ben Jones and Tom Ligon.

Written and directed by Jonathan Mitchell. 

It's Going to Change Your Life

From The Truth | 12:00

A story about getting what you want.

Igtcyl_image_small Karen Miller is getting promoted, and it's her worst nightmare. Performed by Kelly Buttermore, Amy Warren, Melanie Hoopes, Louis Kornfeld, Ed Herbstman, and Christian Paluck as "The Grill." Directed & produced by Jonathan Mitchell.

You're Not Alone

From The Truth | 17:50

Are you hearing voices? You're not alone.

You_re_not_alone_small An film without pictures, about a veteran who hears voices.

Performed by Christian Paluck, Carly Monardo, Tom Stephens, Louis Kornfeld, Jon Keller, Kerry Kastin, Nick Mykins, Aina Rapoza, and Ashley Wilson.

With special musical guest Elizabeth Ziman (of Elizabeth and the Catapult), singing "True Love Will Find You in the End" by Daniel Johnston.

Written by Louis Kornfeld and developed collaboratively by The Truth, with dialogue improvised by the actors.

Produced and directed by Jonathan Mitchell. 

Fine Dining

From The Truth | 23:12

Of all the five senses, taste is the most intimate.

Fine Dining
The Truth


The art of cooking is more than just a meal; it's a dialogue spoken in that universal language beyond words. It's a communion between souls. It's an act of love.
Performed by Louis Kornfeld, Elana Fishbein, Nick Jaramillo, Tom Ligon, Kevin Cragg, Kerry Kastin, Brian Frange, Bob Kern, and Matt Evans.
Written by Louis Kornfeld and developed collaboratively by The Truth.

Produced and directed by Jonathan Mitchell.

Keep Running

From The Truth | 12:08

Wisconsin to Indiana: 80 miles, 12 hours, 1 day.

Keep Running
The Truth

Keep_running_icon_small A film without pictures, about a man running from Wisconsin to Indiana in one day. (he gets lost)

Performed by Peter McNernery, with Elana Fishbein, Louis Kornfeld, Julia Hynes, and Teddy Shivers.

Based on an interview with Brian Foy.

Produced by Jonathan Mitchell.

Voyager Found

From The Truth | 13:04

What if aliens found the Voyager golden record?

Voyager Found
The Truth

Voyager_icon_small Using actual recordings sent to space on a golden record aboard the Voyager 1 & 2 spacecrafts in 1977, this short radio drama imagines what aliens might think of Earth if they were to find the record.

Performed by Chet Siegel and Peter McNerney, produced by Jonathan Mitchell.

The Extractor

From The Truth | 18:15

The sounds we make don't just fade away; they're embedded in the wood around us.

no audio file

Biological Clock

From The Truth | 14:36

Would you do anything to have a baby?

Icon2_small Adam and Allie want nothing more than to have a baby. But when they discover they are both infertile, they are given one last hope: an experiemental procedure that could change their lives forever.

Performed by Tami Sagher, Ed Herbstman, Louis Kornfeld, and Kerry Kastin.
Written by Ira Gamerman.
Produced and directed by Jonathan Mitchell.
The music under the credits is by Richard Walters.

Winner of the 2013 Gold Mark Time Award.

Naomi's World

From The Truth | 10:12

A trip to the MOMA takes a surreal turn.

Naomi's World
The Truth


Naomi is an outcast high school student whose art class is on a field trip to the Museum of Modern Art. When she secretly separates from her class, she meets a man with an inriguing past.

Performed by Isabel Frohnhofer, Tom Ligon, Elana Fishbein, Imran Chowdhury, Laura Parker, Philipp Goedicke, Dennis Pacheco, Blanche Ames, Ron Palais, Willy Appelman, Andrew Yurman-Glaser, and Phoebe Tyers.

Written by Elana Fishbein

Produced and directed by Jonathan Mitchell

Associate Producer: Kerry Kastin


All of the art in this story was on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City in November 2013.


Silvia's Blood

From The Truth | 17:30

Based on a short story by Philip K. Dick.

Silvia's Blood
The Truth

Silvia_icon_small Based on Philip K. Dick's short story "Upon the Dull Earth," originally published in 1954 in an anthology magazine called Beyond Fantasy Fiction. It’s about a young couple named Rick and Silvia, and a strange blood ritual they perform that invokes angels.

Andy Moskowitz as Rick
Rebecca Robles as Silvia
Diana McCorry as Betty
Ben Jones as Dad
Al King as the radio announcer

Adapted, produced, and directed by Jonathan Mitchell, who also composed all of the music for this episode.