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Musicians in their own words (Series)

Produced by David Schulman

Most recent piece in this series:

Chris Foreman at the Green Mill

From David Schulman | Part of the Musicians in their own words series | 04:21

Img_2094_small Chris Foreman plays every Sunday in Church. And every Friday, he's at Chicago's legendary Green Mill — playing the funky Hammond B3 organ in a nightspot that used to be a favorite of Al Capone.

Song Stories (Series)

Produced by Will Heron

Most recent piece in this series:

It's Only Rock and Roll - A Song Story

From Will Heron | Part of the Song Stories series | 05:22

Songstorysqlogocyan300_small Rod Clarance has traveled to more countries than you can shake a stick at.  His Song Story is pulled from his memories of his first time in Europe.  Music sticks with us for years and a simple song can generate a whole flood of good memories (and some sad ones!)  This is the good doctor's second Song Story and it's as good as his first!