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The Gazillionth (or so) Monty Python Radio Special

From Joyride Media | 59:00


Montypython_small THE GAZILLIONTH (OR SO) MONTY PYTHON RADIO SPECIAL A new one-hour Monty Python radio documentary hosted Keith Olbermann. Monty Python debuted on the BBC nearly 40 years ago, and their mix of everything absurd, obscure and English has inspired generations comedians - from the professionals to the amateur line-quoters. Their skits, films and songs continue to be both poignant and funny today, whether experienced for the first or gazillionth time on TV, film, disc (plastic or vinyl), broadway or anytime a devoted fan is confronted with a cheese shop, a dead parrott or a shrubbery. Between excerpts of their finest moments, Cast members Eric Idle, John Cleese and Terry Jones (with help from Python geek/historian Kim Howard Johnson) look back on the men, the myths, and legends behind them. Musician Mark Stewart analyzes the musical works that are equally as influential as their skits and films. Radio broadcasters Michael Berger and Jeff Prescott discuss Python's impact on concerned citizens of San Diego and the FCC. Carol Cleveland, a Python in everything but the title, adds what it's like to be a real woman. The Gazillionth (or so) Monty Python Radio Special is hosted by television and radio personality Keith Olbermann. He can currently be seen and heard injecting Monty Python references into his coverage of news, politics and sports on The Countdown with Keith Olbermann (MSNBC), The Dan Patrick Show (ESPN Radio) and Football Night in America (NBC-TV). Content advisories includes references to the human anatomy (bodyparts and ailments), ranging from clinical terminology from medical journals, textbooks and diagnoses, to English slang commonly featured in PBS broadcasts of classic BBC programs. Full transcripts, including song lyrics, can be provided on request.

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