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Compiled By: Catherine Barrett

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I Am All Day And Night: The Music Of Frank Zappa (Series)

Produced by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Most recent piece in this series:

I Am All Day and Night: The Music of Frank Zappa Part 3 of 3.

From Canadian Broadcasting Corporation | Part of the I Am All Day And Night: The Music Of Frank Zappa series | 53:57


Frank Zappa was an iconoclast, an incredible musician who embraced many kind of music, including rhythm and blues, do-wop, jazz, classical -- turning them into some of the most unusual compositions you could hope to hear, Zappa made music that definitely fell into the popular music arena, but was both very challenging and very listenable.

This series explores Zappa as a composer, and is told through the memories of some of those who knew him best -- family, his friends, and some of the musicians who worked with him. You'll hear from Zappa's wife, Gail Zappa, Ruth Underwood, the percussionist who first heard him at a famous concert at New Yorks Garrick theatre in 1967; Elliot Ingber, a guitarist in the early Mothers of Invention, and Joe Travers, drummer and vaultmeister of the Zappa archives.