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NPR's All Songs Considered: Bon Iver, Boris, Hospital Ships, More

From NPR Music | Part of the All Songs Considered from NPR Music series | 28:58


After winning over legions of fans with the deeply personal and hauntingly beautiful 2008 album For Emma, Forever Ago, Bon Iver is back with one of 2011's most anticipated follow-ups. On the forthcoming self-titled album, frontman Justin Vernon doesn't exorcise as many personal demons, and the songs aren't nearly as spare. But his heartbreaking falsetto is still the star. Bon Iver isn't due out until June 21, but you can hear the first single, "Calgary," on this week's episode of All Songs Considered.

Also on the program: The Lawrence, Kan.-based Hospital Ships (a.k.a. Jordan Geiger) channels The Beatles and Neutral Milk Hotel on its new album Lonely Twin; the bedroom recording project Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross (a.k.a. Dexter Totoriello); cosmic pop from Yellowbirds (a.k.a. Sam Cohen); a dystopian dance tune from the duo Yacht; and dark, brooding metal from the Japanese group Boris.