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Bob Dylan: No Direction Home

From Joyride Media | 01:58:10

The "official bootleg" radio companion to the PBS special "Bob Dylan: No Direction Home"

Dylanboot7_small "Bob Dylan: No Direction Home" is a two-hour, two-part music intensive radio special features exclusive music, interviews and other content from Bob Dylan's personal archives. You'll also hear music featured in "Bob Dylan: No Direction Home, a Martin Scorsese picture," premiering on PBS stations nationwide September 26-27, 2005. The program is free for all stations to air, and the audio will be posted here by September 13, 2005. Please contact Andy Cahn at 201-386-1736 or cahnmedia@comcast.net if you want to receive the program on CD. You can also download the "CD request form" under the attachments tab. This radio program consists of two one-hour episodes that correspond to the two parts of the PBS special. This allows you to program each radio segment as a supplement to each of the TV broadcasts in your market. "No Direction Home: The Soundtrack - The Bootleg Series Vol. 7" is in stores from Columbia/Legacy on Tues, Aug 30. This 2-CD set contains 26 previously unreleased Bob Dylan tracks recorded between 1959 and 1966.