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Compiled By: Jesse Os

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Art for Ears (Series)

Produced by The Fine Arts Society of Indianapolis

Most recent piece in this series:

Leaping for Joy

From The Fine Arts Society of Indianapolis | Part of the Art for Ears series | 27:38

Aratliff2_small Haydn replied, “when I think of God, my heart leaps for joy.” Haydn’s joy inspires this program featuring the Agnus Dei and Dona nobis pacem from the “Nelson” Mass as well as music of Schumann (Piano Fantasy, Op. 17, second movement, with its extraordinary leaping), Mahler (an excerpt of his Fourth Symphony finale with texts that speak of joy in heaven), and Olivier Messiaen (an excerpt of “Watch of the Spirit of Joy” from Twenty Contemplations of the Infant Jesus).

CyberFrequencies, Pop + Tech Podcast (Series)

Produced by Queena Kim

Most recent piece in this series:

Craigslist Foundation's Bootcamp Is the Who's Who of the Tech Non-Profit World

From Queena Kim | Part of the CyberFrequencies, Pop + Tech Podcast series | 08:22

Cf_logo-solo_small We talk to Michael Sherrod of the Texas Tribune, SusanNesbitt of Craigslist Foundation, If WeRanTheWorld.com and 1-800-JesusChrist