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The Little Gray Book Lectures (Series)

Produced by The Little Gray Book Lectures

Most recent piece in this series:

How to Observe Presidents' Day, Observed

From The Little Gray Book Lectures | Part of the The Little Gray Book Lectures series | 58:34

Lgbwig_small "Like Garrison, John is a terrific writer who succeeds in establishing a strong, funny tone for the program immediately. You want to hear what this guy has decided to tell you, in part because you can't quite predict what he'll say next." -- Chris Bannon, Executive Producer, WNYC John Hodgman's Little Gray Book Lectures -- a mix of readings, songs, discussions, cooking demonstrations, appearances by mascots of professional sports teams and occasional contests -- are praised by the LA Times as "increasingly conspicuous." In this lecture, Sarah Vowell reads from her book "Assassination Vacation," in which she fails to connect with a group of tourists in a Massachusetts bed and breakfast on the subject of Presidential assassinations. Welshman Jon Langford (The Mekons) accompanies her on vocals and guitar. Joshuah Bearman lectures on the subject of Bigfoot and his alleged encounters with President Theodore Roosevelt, and host John Hodgman recounts with love George Washington's wise and kind decision to be our President only twice. As with every Little Gray Book Lecture, Jonathan Coulton will sing an original song, this one about all forty-three presidents, accompanied by a fifteen-person marching band playing "Hail to the Chief."