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Compiled By: Emma Lehman

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Hope, British Columbia

From Fil Corbitt | Part of the Postcards from The Wind series | 02:00

A postcard from Hope, British Columbia.

Postcards_from_the_wind_cover_page_01_small A postcard from Hope, British Columbia.

Cat Bath

From Dmae Lo Roberts | 03:23

Ever try to give your cat a bath?

Cat Bath
Dmae Lo Roberts

769_small Dmae records a friend giving two cats a bath during flea season some years ago. When it aired on NPR in the late 80s, cats across America cried out in sympathy....all set to the tune of "Talk to the Animals" from Dr. Doolittle. This piece is a how "not" to instruction on the unpopular art of bathing cats. No animals were harmed in the making of this piece. But it is still cringe-worthy....

In The Bath

From Sue Mell | 04:35

Vox Pop Collage of people's preferences for baths vs. showers

In The Bath
Sue Mell

Sm1206v2_small When I started telling people about this great funky song "In The Bath" by the band Lemon Jelly, it turned out they all had something very adamant to say about their own bath and shower experiences. How could I not make a radio piece?

Garlic? Yuck!

From Conrad Bishop | Part of the Family Snapshots series | 01:38

A daughter rebels against the bland life her mother has led, while the mother sees it from a very different perspective.

Default-piece-image-2 A module from "Family Snapshots," sixty-five 90-second dramas about family life, broadcast from 1994 to the present on more than 70 stations.