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Compiled By: Caelan McPherson

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Afropop Worldwide (Series)

Produced by Afropop Worldwide

Most recent piece in this series:

860: Journeys with the Kora, 6/1/2023

From Afropop Worldwide | Part of the Afropop Worldwide series | 59:00

Kora-square_small The 21-string harp, the kora, is a signature instrument of West Africa. Complex and beguiling, kora music was long the exclusive domain of griots, musical historians by heritage. But once recordings began to circulate in the 1970s, the instrument went international, finding its way into jazz, pop, rock and even classical and religious settings. In this episode, we sample a wide range of kora music, and hear tales of its remarkable global journey. Produced by Banning Eyre.

This American Life (Series)

Produced by This American Life

Most recent piece in this series:

692: The Show of Delights, 6/2/2023

From This American Life | Part of the This American Life series | :00

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American Routes (Series)

Produced by American Routes

Most recent piece in this series:

23-22: Piano People and More: Jason Moran & Heath Allen, 5/31/2023

From American Routes | Part of the American Routes series | 01:59:01


Jazz pianist Jason Moran started out in Houston playing classical music, but found his way to jazz through Thelonious Monk. We’ll learn more about his adventures in the NYC jazz scene. Then a conversation and tour around the piano with Philadelphia cabaret player and creator Heath Allen, plus music from Fats Waller, Jerry Lee Lewis, Herbie Hancock, and Sweet Emma.