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Playlist: Reese Erlich's Favorites

Compiled By: Reese Erlich

Reese Erlich speaking in NY Credit:
Reese Erlich speaking in NY

Here are some of the best of my jazz related perspectives and documentaries. Also check out the full list of Jazz Perspectives.

An Intimiate Portrait of Joni Mitchell

From Reese Erlich | 53:59

One hour documentary - Joni Mitchell's life and music

Jonimitchell_small Joni Mitchell exploded onto the music scene in the early 1960s as a young and unique folk singer. She combined poetic lyrics, anti-war and pro-environment politics with a very special voice. For nearly 10 years Mitchell stopped recording new music, even refusing to pick up a guitar or sit at a piano. She was disgusted with the commercialism of the music industry and discrimination faced by women artists. Then in 2007 she came back with a burst of artistic energy, including a new CD, a ballet and an anti-war photo montage exhibit. Independent producer Reese Erlich caught up with Mitchell as she hung that exhibit in New York. She talks of her early life, her antipathy to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the close connections between her visual art and music. This is a rare personal portrait of one of the great artists of our era.