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Playlist: McGlaughlin, Bill - Exploring Music

Compiled By: Reflective Consultation

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PRX series "Exploring Music w/ Bill McGlaughlin" (2010= )

Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin (Series)

Produced by The WFMT Radio Network

Most recent piece in this series:

EXP 23-01 E: Musical Landscapes, Episode 5, 10/7/2022

From The WFMT Radio Network | Part of the Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin series | 59:00

Exploring_music_logo_small This week Exploring Music journeys through landscapes with music. We start in an outdoor café, listening to Augustin Lara’s song about the Andalusian city Granada. Then our tour walks through the gardens with Manuel De Falla and rides the sea's waves with Debussy. We'll climb the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains to listen to Pepe Romero play Francisco Tárrega's Recuerdos De La Alhambra. And this is all just in the first hour! Landscapes are a wonderfully rich subject in music, so just slow down and take in the sights and sounds of our musical travels. Episode 5 of 5.