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Playlist: Serah's Wish list

Compiled By: KZMU Moab Community Radio

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Desert Oracle Radio (Series)

Produced by Desert Oracle

Most recent piece in this series:

The Time of the Roadrunner

From Desert Oracle | Part of the Desert Oracle Radio series | 28:00


In wintertime, in springtime, and in the magic months of late Autumn, the desert is the finest place in the world. But now we are coming to the other part — the “Bad Place,” as they say in the Bible. A time for weeping and a time for gnashing of teeth.

While the humans hide in their air-conditioned mechanical prisons, the roadrunners are having the times of their lives. They love the heat of summer, because there's a feast of lizards and snakes in the daytime, and the usual desperate bunnies and rats at night. Soundscapes by RedBlueBlackSilver, hosted & written by Ken Layne. Find out more at DesertOracle.com, the Voice of the Desert.

"Black Radio: Telling It Like It Was" 25th Anniversary Edition (Six-Hour Series) (Series)

Produced by PRX

Most recent piece in this series:

Bonus Minis

From PRX | Part of the "Black Radio: Telling It Like It Was" 25th Anniversary Edition (Six-Hour Series) series | 15:37

Bonus Minis

Blackradio_25thann_logo-03_small These are three shorter segments of different lengths that focus on early innovation in Black public media. These segments can be aired separately; they can also standalone to promote the series.