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Playlist: American Jukebox

Compiled By: Michael McGrory

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American Jukebox ® (Series)

Produced by Garrett Stack

Most recent piece in this series:

Love's Gone. It's Over.

From Garrett Stack | Part of the American Jukebox ® series | 01:58:00

Love_s_gone American Jukebox® 337

The fact of human life: if you're lucky enough to fall in love, often times the love doesn't last. There's the breakup. The sadness, the gladness, the relief, the depression and a whole bunch of feelings that come after love is gone. 
On this edition of American Jukebox we look at 32 songs that run the gambit of emotions. In some cases there's a euphoria that's it's finally over. In others it's sinking to the depths of depression. The lyrics and music tell the stories.

Looking at some of the most popular artists and songs of the '60s and '70s the songs are both full of pep and energy and filled with despair. It depends who's on which end of the breakup. Roy Orbison, the master of songs about lost love, is featured with three songs form the stunning 2017 collaboration with his sons and the Royal Philharmonc Orchestra in London. Using Roy's original arrangements and vocals, they have been remasterd and filled out with additional, subtle, orchestrations.

Other surprises abound from Judy Collins and Cyndi Lauper and the tear-your-heart-out vocalizing of Timi Yuro. So "make it easy on yourself," or just "hit the road," and enjoy this approach to the breakup.