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The Pulse Specials (Series)

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Fighting Burnout

From WHYY | Part of the The Pulse Specials series | 59:00

Fighting Burnout

3000x3000_itunes_thepulse_1_small The pandemic hasn't just changed how we live — it's changed how we work, and how we feel about our jobs. One of the major ripple effects: burnout. Over the past couple years, people in all different jobs — from doctors to teachers, students to hospital workers — have found themselves exhausted and struggling, questioning if it’s them or their workplaces, and if they belong in their jobs at all. Burnout can lead to serious problems — depression and insomnia, the feeling that your work, or even your life, has no meaning. It can affect job performance too, leading to mistakes that, in some cases, could cost lives. But burnout can also mark a fresh start — a breaking point that leads you onto a new path. On this episode, we look at what’s fueling widespread burnout, why so many people report feeling pushed to their absolute limits, and what can be done to stop it. We talk with a psychologist about the signs of burnout and how to avoid it, a teacher who was forced to choose between his health and his profession, and a former ER doctor who coaches physicians on how to avoid that sinking feeling.