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Playlist: michele ravera's favorites

Compiled By: michele ravera

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This American Life (Series)

Produced by This American Life

Most recent piece in this series:

775: Trust in Strangers, 7/8/2022

From This American Life | Part of the This American Life series | :00

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Latino USA (Series)

Produced by Latino USA

Most recent piece in this series:

2227: Undocumented Housing, 7/8/2022

From Latino USA | Part of the Latino USA series | 54:01

Lusa_standard_tile_prx___amazon_small The following is promo copy for Latino U-S-A, #2227, Week of 7/08/2022: This week/Next Week on Latino USA: Undocumented and unhoused. How California's housing crisis is affecting Latino and Latina immigrants in the Bay Area. ###END###

Reveal Weekly (Series)

Produced by Reveal

Most recent piece in this series:

828: Can Our Climate Survive Bitcoin?, 7/9/2022

From Reveal | Part of the Reveal Weekly series | :00

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The Moth Radio Hour (Series)

Produced by The Moth

Most recent piece in this series:

1810: Surviving Being Human, 7/12/2022

From The Moth | Part of the The Moth Radio Hour series | 53:57


Cynthia Shelby Lane sets her sights on a job that’s out of this world.
Lemn Sissay attempts to uncover a hidden past.
Natasha Guynes desperately tries to hide her past from co-workers on The Hill.
Matt Brown confronts his insecurities in an unconventional way
Daniel Turpin deals with the aftermath of a split second decision.

Snap Judgment Weekly (Series)

Produced by Snap Judgment

Most recent piece in this series:

1331: Raft of Passion - Snap Classic , 6/30/2022

From Snap Judgment | Part of the Snap Judgment Weekly series | 53:57


Eleven attractive young people set sail across the Atlantic in a raft as part of a radical group experiment… and things begin to heat up. What could possibly go wrong? Plus, a man falls in love with a woman... and her fungus. Snap Judgment presents, “Raft of Passion.” A journey of love and devotion... do not miss it.

PRX Remix Select (Series)

Produced by PRX Remix

Most recent piece in this series:

Remix Select: Episode 582, 6/29/2022

From PRX Remix | Part of the PRX Remix Select series | 59:00


  • Take a Minute
    Courtney Fleurantin
  • Tram Along With Me
    Sandip Roy's Dispatches from Kolkata
  • Who We're Called to Become - James Martin
    Becoming Wise
  • Sausage Cut #1
    WFMU Beware of the Blog
  • A Tree Is Not A Forest
    Raymond Pang
  • Singing to save her voice
    Jennifer Richler
  • Call Your Elders: Cooking with Philip and Niki
    A Better Life from Feet in Two Worlds
  • PRX perfect delivery
    Roman and Mae Mars
  • The Captain
    Sofia Saldanha
  • The Rise of the Roller Coaster
    Andrew Bales
  • Nick Irving
    American Veteran
  • The Making of a Violin
    The Kitchen Sisters
  • Ravens and Crows - Who's Who
  • Gather Round
    Fox Morrow
  • Where You're Coming From
    Matt & Kim
  • Necrfago
    Dr. Frankenstein
  • Remix Sonic ID

Christopher Kimball's Milk Street Radio (Series)

Produced by Christopher Kimball's Milk Street Radio

Most recent piece in this series:

618: Our July Fourth Show: Live-Fire Grilling, 50 Pies for 50 States and Ketchup/Mustard Smackdown, 6/30/2022

From Christopher Kimball's Milk Street Radio | Part of the Christopher Kimball's Milk Street Radio series | 54:00

Msl_radio_logo_cobrand_prx_small On this Fourth of July, baker Stacey Fong shares highlights from her 50 States/50 Pies project, which includes odes to Nevada’s all-you-can-eat buffets, West Virginia’s pizza rolls and Tennessee icon Dolly Parton. Plus, live-fire cooking expert Genevieve Taylor reveals showstopping tips for your backyard barbecues; Dan Pashman debates the finer points of ketchup and mustard; and we dress up charred pineapple with spiced honey and coconut ice cream. 

Alt.Latino (Series)

Produced by NPR Music

Most recent piece in this series:

A Cuban Soul Singer Walks Into A Colombian Party, And The Bass Drops

From NPR Music | Part of the Alt.Latino series | 28:59


On this show...a mix of Cuban soul, Colombian dance, Mexican-American hip-hop and a way cool mix of vintage Latin pop music that Felix 'discovered' (don't ask).