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Playlist: Health Show

Compiled By: Taivoochi Colegrove


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Take Control: Diabetes (Series)

Produced by Ampers

Most recent piece in this series:

Wellness Rising: Coming Together to Prevent and Manage Diabetes

From Ampers | Part of the Take Control: Diabetes series | 58:24


“Wellness Rising: Coming Together to Prevent and Manage Diabetes” is a one-hour radio program produced by Ampers and made possible by a grant from the Medtronic Foundation…committed to improving health outcomes across the globe. 


Here in Minnesota, more than 75-hundred Native Americans in Minnesota are estimated to have diabetes.  And the Minnesota Health Department estimates that about 14 thousand Native people in the state are pre-diabetic -- and most of them don’t know it.


“Wellness Rising: Coming Together to Prevent and Manage Diabetes” is a magazine style show, featuring vital perspectives from health providers, community members, and people with diabetes, all sharing their insights and wisdom on how to prevent and manage diabetes.


Minnesota Native News contributors Melissa Townsend, Leah Lemm, Cole Premo, Roy Taylor and Laurie Stern share stories about how various communities around Minnesota are coming together to heal.

Value Our Traditions (Series)

Produced by Ampers

Most recent piece in this series:

Battle to be a Non-Smoker

From Ampers | Part of the Value Our Traditions series | 01:30

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Lana acknowledges that remaining a non-smoker is hard, even though her health is doing so much better than before she quit.

Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio (Series)

Produced by KBUU

Most recent piece in this series:

01-27-2022: Complicated Connections: Mind Games and Broken Bonds with Deborah Vinall PsyD and Kristina Scharp PhD, 1/27/2022

From KBUU | Part of the Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio series | 49:50


The widely-used adage ‘you can’t pick your family’ generally translates in to making the best of what you have when you have no choice in the matter. People rarely have the option to choose who provides their mental and physical nourishment, especially children. How we handle relationships with relatives once we reach adulthood is up to us. But, if we have been subject to years of gaslighting or mental manipulation, it can be difficult to discern between what we believe is good for us and what we truly need to thrive. To dissect the cycle of both gaslighting and estrangement, Positive Psychology Podcast Host Lisa Cypers Kamen speaks with a therapist and a researcher about the complex relationships we engage in and disconnect from. Doctor of Psychology, Deborah Vinall offers an in-depth look at gaslighting, describes the key takeaways from her book, Gaslighting: A Step-by-Step Recovery Guide to Heal from Emotional Abuse and Build Healthy Relationships, and shares the steps people can take to set self-honoring boundaries when confronting a gaslighter. Kristina Sharp, Director of the Family Communication and Relationships Lab, at the University of Washington and Michigan State, describes her role as a researcher who studies estrangement from first-hand accounts of those who have severed ties with families and the misguided perception of what a family is as portrayed by American media.