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Playlist: Health Show

Compiled By: Taivoochi Colegrove


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Take Control: Diabetes (Series)

Produced by Ampers

Most recent piece in this series:

Wellness Rising: Coming Together to Prevent and Manage Diabetes

From Ampers | Part of the Take Control: Diabetes series | 58:24


“Wellness Rising: Coming Together to Prevent and Manage Diabetes” is a one-hour radio program produced by Ampers and made possible by a grant from the Medtronic Foundation…committed to improving health outcomes across the globe. 


Here in Minnesota, more than 75-hundred Native Americans in Minnesota are estimated to have diabetes.  And the Minnesota Health Department estimates that about 14 thousand Native people in the state are pre-diabetic -- and most of them don’t know it.


“Wellness Rising: Coming Together to Prevent and Manage Diabetes” is a magazine style show, featuring vital perspectives from health providers, community members, and people with diabetes, all sharing their insights and wisdom on how to prevent and manage diabetes.


Minnesota Native News contributors Melissa Townsend, Leah Lemm, Cole Premo, Roy Taylor and Laurie Stern share stories about how various communities around Minnesota are coming together to heal.

Value Our Traditions (Series)

Produced by Ampers

Most recent piece in this series:

Battle to be a Non-Smoker

From Ampers | Part of the Value Our Traditions series | 01:30

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Lana acknowledges that remaining a non-smoker is hard, even though her health is doing so much better than before she quit.

Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio (Series)

Produced by KBUU

Most recent piece in this series:

05-16-2024: Getting It On: Sexual Expression at Any Age & Stage of Life with Dr. Justin Garcia, 5/16/2024

From KBUU | Part of the Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio series | 26:14


From the blush of first loves to the seasoned affections of later years, intimacy adapts to our changing bodies, shifting priorities, and the various life stages we traverse. Whether it's rediscovering a partner in a long-term relationship or embracing new experiences, sexual expression should be free of judgment and have no expiration date. 

To expose how to foster a fulfilling sexual life at any age, by oneself or with a partner, Harvesting Happiness Podcast Host Lisa Cypers Kamen speaks with the Executive Director of The Kisey Institute and award-winning researcher and educator, Dr. Justin Garcia about the joys of sexual expression. 

Justin delves into statistical insights from the Kinsey Institute concerning the impact of COVID on sexual behaviors, highlights pivotal discoveries from the 'Sex After Sixty' collaborative study by the Kinsey Institute and Cosmopolitan magazine, discusses emerging trends in sexuality, and explores the relationship between happiness and intimacy.

Dr. Justin Garcia — Sexual Expression: 

       The Kinsey Institute studies sex and connection in cultures all over the world. {2:45} 

       The impact of COVID on sexual and romantic relationships. {6:01} 

       Consensual non-monogamous relationships are a sexual trend that is on the rise. {11:12} 

       Key findings from the Kinsey ‘Sex After 60’ report. {18:53} 

       The pursuit of love, sex, and desire can be a great unifier. {24:55}

About Lisa’s guest: 

Dr. Justin R. Garcia is Executive Director of The Kinsey Institute and Ruth Halls Professor of Gender Studies at Indiana University, Bloomington. An award-winning researcher and educator, Dr. Garcia’s research focuses on the romantic and sexual lives of people throughout life, especially on integrative bio-psycho-social models of variation in courtship, intimacy, and sexual behavior. He has co-authored over 100 academic articles and book chapters and is co-author of Evolution and Human Sexual Behavior (Harvard University Press). Since 2010, he has been a Scientific Advisor to the world’s largest relationship company, Match.com.