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Playlist: Jazz Dialogs

Compiled By: Brandon Lee

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Jazz Profiles (Series)

Produced by NPR Music

Most recent piece in this series:

Bobby Hutcherson Tribute

From NPR Music | Part of the Jazz Profiles series | 53:45

Hutcherson_sq_small A tribute to vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson. Please note there is no mention of his passing in this program.

Jazz Perspectives (Series)

Produced by Reese Erlich

Most recent piece in this series:

Deelee Dube sings her musical heritage

From Reese Erlich | Part of the Jazz Perspectives series | 07:08

Deelee_dube_small Deelee Dube's father and grandfather were famous South African musicians. She takes inspiration from their music -- along with British and American influences -- to create a soulful jazz. Dube won first place in the 2016 Sarah Vaugh jazz vocal compeition.