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Playlist: Blues

Compiled By: H.L. Rayner

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Blues Unlimited (Series)

Produced by Steve c/o Ernest Franz

Most recent piece in this series:

Blues Unlimited #333 - Down Home Blues from Chance Records

From Steve c/o Ernest Franz | Part of the Blues Unlimited series | 01:58:59


Join us as we dig into a healthy serving of Down Home Blues from Chance Records — a label owned and operated by Windy City businessman Art Sheridan from 1950 to 1954. During that time they released some spectacularly raw and gritty 78s, from the likes of Homesick James, Arthur “Big Boy” Spires, Willie Nix, J.B. Hutto, and more. It’s Down Home Blues from Chance Records, on this episode of Blues Unlimited.

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Full-Time Blues Radio (Series)

Produced by John Luttrell

Most recent piece in this series:

Episode 1626

From John Luttrell | Part of the Full-Time Blues Radio series | 59:00

Full-time-blues-logo-white-2010_small Full-Time Blues Radio started in June of 2008, and has evolved into a weekly spotlight on new and independent Blues music. After eight plus years of broadcasting every week, host and producer Johnny Full-Time is stepping back from the show, and taking it from a profession to a hobby. This is not the end of our program forever, simply the end of our weekly editions. Please bookmark www.fulltimeblues.com to stay informed when future episodes are made available.

Thank you for years of endless support. - John Luttrell

Full-Time Blues Radio brings listeners the widest variety of new Blues music. That means we'll never play the same song twice in this program's lifetime! The weekly series is hosted by "Johnny Full-Time" and features new material by today's stars, tomorrow's legends, and self-produced indie artists from around the world. In addition, each week we dig inside "Johnny's Mailbox" to spotlight a new album that just arrived in the last seven days. Occasionally, we'll hear news about Blues on wax in "The Vinyl Report." From time to time, you may hear an interview or in studio performance, as well.   

More information, archived artist interviews, and much more can be found online at http://www.fulltimeblues.com 

Blues & Beyond (Series)

Produced by WXPN

Most recent piece in this series:

Blues & Beyond #326: bluesman Linsey Alexander has "Been There, Done That"

From WXPN | Part of the Blues & Beyond series | 59:01

Alexander_small In this hour of The Blues & Beyond, bluesman Linsey Alexander has a funky and witty new blues album out called "Been There Done That." Alexander draws on some old blues themes but places them musically and lyrically firmly in the 21st century. We'll check out a few songs from the album. Also, the "Crazy Blues," the very first blues hit back in 1920 from Mamie Smith and a red hot new version from Catherine Russell.  We'll hear Cassandra Wilson, both from her new album "Another Country" and as a guest with Tery Lyne Carrington's Mosaic Project, an all-female ensemble, plus banjoist Bela Fleck with the Marcus Roberts Trio, the late Cuban guitarist Manuel Galbán of the Buena Vista Social Club, and singer Rhiannon, stretching our everyday notion of singing.

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Blues File (Series)

Produced by WXPN

Most recent piece in this series:

Blues File: Mose Allison "The Way Of The World"

From WXPN | Part of the Blues File series | 04:46

Moseallison230px_small Mose Allison used to be good for at least an album per year, but it took a year for Joe Henry to persuade the octogenarian singer, songwriter, and pianist to record a new one in 2009. On Allison's new album "The Way Of The World" producer Henry avoids the mistakes of other musician-producers with other well-loved older artists by simply letting Mose be Mose. Mose Allison offers his unique mix of blues and jazz-infused wit, humor, and social commentary on this album, his first in over a decade. Highlights include his observations about religion in "Modest Proposal," a reworking of the classic "My Babe" as "My Brain" (on the aging of the mind), and a duet with daughter Amy Allison. At 82, Allison is still very much with us.

House of Blues Radio Hour (Series)

Produced by Ben Manilla

Most recent piece in this series: