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Playlist: Youth Created Radio

Compiled By: Open Orchard Productions

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Open Orchard Productions

The youth created radio segments we admire!

Teenage Diaries (Series)

Produced by Radio Diaries

Most recent piece in this series:

Majd's Diary: Two Years in the Life of a Saudi Girl

From Radio Diaries | Part of the Teenage Diaries series | 30:45

Majd_microphone_2_square_small Majd Abdulghani is a teenager living in Saudi Arabia, one of the most restrictive countries for women in the world. She wants to be a scientist. Her family wants to arrange her marriage. From the age of 19 to 21, Majd has been chronicling her life with a microphone, taking us inside a society where the voices of women are rarely heard. She records herself practicing karate, conducting experiments in a genetics lab, and fending off pressure to accept an arranged marriage. In her audio diary, Majd documents everything from arguments with her brother about how much she should cover herself in front of men, to late night thoughts about loneliness, arranged marriages, and the possibility of true love.

Radio Rookies: Flushing 2010 (Series)

Produced by Radio Rookies

Most recent piece in this series:

Breast-Fed Language

From Radio Rookies | Part of the Radio Rookies: Flushing 2010 series | 08:02

Flushing_radio_rookies_group_pic_5_small About two thirds of New Yorkers are from immigrant families. And when parents - who came here from other countries - raise American children, they face all kinds of choices about which cultural norms to follow. That's the case in Radio Rookie Andrea Lee Torres' family. Her parents came here from the Philippines in the 1990s. And she's not sure she agrees with at least one decision they made - not to teach her their language.