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Playlist: Nyima?s Hayride

Compiled By: Nyima Lhamo

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'The Hayride with Dan Wargo' (Series)

Produced by Daniel Wargo

Most recent piece in this series:

'The Hayride' Program 215

From Daniel Wargo | Part of the 'The Hayride with Dan Wargo' series | 59:30

Hayride_215_small 'The Hayride' Program 215 presents the music of Howell Devine, Jim Mills, Doc Watson, Aliaon Krauss And Union Station to your audience for an hour's worth of celebration of North American roots music. Here, we find originality, authenticity, and a refreshing straight ahead audacity to these styles of a very popular musical idiom. Part of the series available here on Public Radio Exchange, this program can also be aired as a single, stand alone show.