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Playlist: New Years Day 2014

Compiled By: West Virginia Public Broadcasting

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Science Update (Series)

Produced by Science Update

Most recent piece in this series:

Giraffe Spot Inheritance

From Science Update | Part of the Science Update series | 01:00

Sciupdate_sm2_small Scientists discover that giraffes inherit their spots.

Earth Eats: Specials (Series)

Produced by WFIU

Most recent piece in this series:

Winter holiday foods

From WFIU | Part of the Earth Eats: Specials series | 54:00

Winter holiday foods


“I love cookies. They’re hands-on, there’s a lot of technique involved in them,  they’re really fun and easy to do with kids,  they bake quickly,they’re perfect for gift giving any time of year, and they’re great. 

Holidays and baking go hand in hand. Join us for a collection of favorite wintery stories for the holiday season with Earth Eats. We drop in on a cookie baking workshop with kids at a food pantry, we enjoy a hot cup of coffee on a chilly bike ride, and we toast up a batch of maple granola for holiday gift giving.

All that, plus CHESTNUTS on this special episode of Earth Eats. Stay with us