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L.A. Theatre Works (Series)

Produced by L.A. Theatre Works

Most recent piece in this series:

Can You Hear Me

From L.A. Theatre Works | Part of the L.A. Theatre Works series | 01:58:02

Can_you_hear_me_artwork_small Before Guglielmo Marconi came along, there was no practical way to transmit telegraphic messages without wires. But when he harnessed the power of radio waves to send signals over long distances, what had once seemed impossible became a world-changing reality. In this original L.A. Theatre Works commission written by Anna Lyse Erikson, we’ll get a first-hand, intimate view of the precocious Italian inventor, and what he had to overcome in his quest to revolutionize the way we communicate.

Directed by Rosalind Ayres
Producing Director: Susan Albert Loewenberg
Starring Lucy DeVito, Martin Jarvis, Kurt Kanazawa, Henri Lubatti, Moira Quirk, Darren Richardson, André Sogliuzzo and Mark Jude Sullivan.

The broadcast includes an excerpt of The Ruby Sunrise by Rinne Goff about the invention of television.