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Playlist: Two Wheels to Nowhere

Compiled By: Tom Langley

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Two Wheels to Nowhere (Series)

Produced by Aengus Anderson

Most recent piece in this series:

Two Wheels to Nowhere - Episode 7

From Aengus Anderson | Part of the Two Wheels to Nowhere series | 24:22

Ep7_small This is a story of America told through snapshots of excitement and fear. Over the course of three months, Aengus Anderson rode his motorcycle around the United States and asked 166 random Americans the same two questions: what is the most exciting thing in your life? What is the most concerning thing? From beauty shop owners in Cairo, IL to contractors in rural South Carolina, a common theme emerged, one that spanned a cultural divide. From the left to the right, Americans expressed an uncomfortable feeling that something fundamental was off balance. Some worried about an environmental collapse, others a spiritual one, but their underlying disquiet was the same.

Two Wheels to Nowhere is a mix of interviews with a first-person travel narrative, a story that winds its way across American landscapes, both physical and cultural. It explores ideas through counterpoint and finds common ground in unlikely places. It is a story of choices, changes, and facing the unknown.