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Show # 1101

From Stephen R Webb | Part of the Stuck in the Psychedelic Era series | 01:57:58

The two most requested artists and a new year gets underway.

Logo_small Back in the days before syndication, Stuck in the Psychedelic Era was a live local radio show on WEOS-FM, serving the Geneva-Ithaca market. Over the years two artists consistently got more requests than all others combined. Those were Pink Floyd and the Mothers of Invention. This week we pay tribute to those days with sets from both of those bands serving as bookends for the first hour of the show. The second hour serves as a look to the upcoming year, with a combination of familiar tunes and tracks from artists never played on the show before, plus a set of tunes from a particular region (the San Francisco Bay Area), and a couple of progressions through the years.

Carole King & James Taylor: You've Got A Friend

From Joyride Media | 59:00

Two musical legends look back on their 40 year friendship

Kingtaylor_small New one-hour special explores the long musical friendship of Carole King & James Taylor From the early days of LA’s legendary club The Troubadour to their extensive 2010 US Tour. Features original recordings of their early hits as well as live recordings of King & Taylor togther in 1971 and 2007. Includes interviews with both artists, as well as Graham Nash, David Wild, Lou Adler and Robert Hilburn.

The Emergence of Paul Simon

From Paul Ingles | 01:59:03

Two-hour exploration of the seminal work of heralded songwriter Paul Simon as revealed by musicians, writers and fans and archival interviews with Simon himself.

Simonphotocreditrahavsegevsmall_small Available now to all stations. Producer Paul Ingles hosts "The Emergence of Paul Simon," an engrossing two-hour special on the creative output of heralded songwriter Paul Simon. Ingles draws from an impressive guest roster to explore how Simon connected with audiences in the 1960s as part of Simon & Garfunkel, in the 1970s as a solo artist and in the 1980s when he re-emerged as a world star with the release of his Graceland album. Guest commentators include Simon biographer Patrick Humphries and music writers Ann Powers, Anthony DeCurtis, Paul Zollo, Lydia Hutchinson, Jim Fusilli and more. The program includes excerpts from several archival interviews of Simon and features musicians Joseph Shabalala, Shawn Colvin, Deborah Holland and several others. By mixing Simon's music from key moments in his career with informed commentary from musicians and music critics, "The Emergence of Paul Simon" articulates what two generations of music lovers have found so compelling about this thoughtful and innovative writer and performer.  Program begins with excerpts from Simon's 2011 release "So Beautiful or So What?"


"...as stations air this special, we'll have radio listeners spending the better part of this show glued to their radios. Talk about your driveway moment! I am impressed by the sheer magnitude of this project that holds together very nicely from start to finish...." John Hingsbergen (WMUB)

The Emergence of Shawn Colvin: Inside "These Four Walls" (118:00 / 59:00 / 54:00)

From Paul Ingles | 01:58:02

Three-time Grammy winner Shawn Colvin is captured in the studio working on her 2006 album THESE FOUR WALLS and reflecting on her career in music.


Shawn Colvin is, according to the Music Hound Folk Encyclopedia, "a writer and performer of rare and special abilities." In this two-hour special for public radio, award-winning producer Paul Ingles presents a compelling portrait of the singer/songwriter at work on her most recent music and at home reflecting on her remarkable career that has included three Grammy awards, critical and commercial success. This program is an independently produced study of a notable artist coming to grips with mid-life, and personal and professional challenges. Ingles visited with Colvin at the beginning, middle and end of her process of writing and recording the 2006 release THESE FOUR WALLS. Listeners will hear both early and finished versions of tracks from the CD (released 9/12/06) as well as highlights of a studio recording session in Austin. Woven into the story of the making of the album is Shawn Colvin's own tale of growing up in South Dakota, struggling to make it as a performer and writer, then getting "discovered" at the relatively late age of 33, and recording a #1 song and top-selling album at 41. Soon after hitting this peak, however, her record company lost interest in her, unable to imagine a 40-something woman hitting the pop radio charts again. In the past decade, Colvin has had her first and only child, endured a second divorce, changed management and record labels, and turned 50. All bringing her to the moment in her life documented in SHAWN COLVIN: INSIDE 'THESE FOUR WALLS.' Also featured: Colvin's long-time producer and co-writer John Leventhal, Lydia Hutchinson (editor, Performing Songwriter Magazine) and Jody Denberg of Austin's KGSR Radio. Music from all parts of Colvin's career provides the soundtrack to this lively portrait of an important, though sometimes overlooked, figure in music.