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Playlist: Ehrharts First Playlist

Compiled By: Robert Ehrhart

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The Angel Warrior On His Way to the Top

From Salt Institute for Documentary Studies | 07:18

Despite the concerns of his family, Mike St. Germain races stock cars to win and for God.

Default-piece-image-2 Mike St. Germain is a stockcar racer with God on his side. He's been running after his dream of racing with the pros for 25 years and there is nothing that can stop him. Photo by Maisie Crow.

#59 - Powered By Laughter

From Salt Institute for Documentary Studies | Part of the SaltCast: the Backstory to Great Radio Storytelling series | 13:11

At Salt we say "Music is emotional fascism." It's a bit tongue-in-cheek. But, the idea is that you want to be VERY careful when you choose to use music for scoring a story.


Radio producer Avery Moore heard the following mantra for *four* years at journalism school: DON’T USE MUSIC!

Over and over, DON’T USE MUSIC was beaten into her.

Journalistically speaking, the logic is simple — don’t use music unless it’s part of the story. If it’s not part of the story, then the music is not germane and it shouldn’t be in the piece. Secondly, the argument continues, music can be emotionally manipulative — stick to the facts not manipulation.

That’s what Avery was taught and come hell or high water, she was going to stick with that philosophy… until late one night, sitting in front of her ProTools session at Salt, producing a profile, Avery did the unimaginable… and felt nauseous.

Hidden Kitchens (Series)

Produced by The Kitchen Sisters

Most recent piece in this series:

Between Us, Bread and Salt: Kamal Mouzawak and his Lebanon Kitchen Vision

From The Kitchen Sisters | Part of the Hidden Kitchens series | 25:42

Milkdecoration_tawet_02_small A road trip through the hidden kitchens of Lebanon, with kitchen activist, Kamal Mouzawak, a man with a vision of re-building and uniting this war-ravaged nation through its traditions, its culture and its food. We visit farmer’s markets, restaurants, and guest houses known as Souk el Tayeb that he and his kitchen community have created. This story is part of Hidden Kitchens: War and Peace and Food, a series of stories about food and conflict, about the role food plays in helping resolve conflict between nations and communities, or in creating it. Produced by The Kitchen Sisters and Samuel Shelton Robinson.

The Moth Radio Hour Fall 2012 Season (Series)

Produced by The Moth

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