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Playlist: Fantastic Audio for amazing earlobes

Compiled By: Mary J

Aristo-funk, Sophisto-crat-distinguished sistas cleaned up there act Credit: Everyone
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Aristo-funk, Sophisto-crat-distinguished sistas cleaned up there act

Whatever, win-ever audio
Free your mind and expand as you will

Some darn Fantastic radio

-just meant for amazing ears and minds in time

NatureWatch (Series)

Produced by Finger Lakes Productions

Most recent piece in this series:

NatureWatch July 2 - 6, 2012

From Finger Lakes Productions | Part of the NatureWatch series | 07:30

Nwlogo_prx_small A proven audience pleaser, NatureWatch features a creative mix of engaging story telling and pristine natural sounds. This sound-rich series showcases the calls of hundreds of birds and animals, giving listeners an insight into the natural world around them. This week's pieces are:

Mon., July 2- Fire(fly) Works:  Take a break from the fireworks this holiday weekend to watch the lightshow put on by fireflies.


Tues., July 3-Chimney Swift: Checked your chimney lately?  You may be unwittingly sheltering a family or two—up the flue.


Wed., July 4- Don’t Feed the Animals: We see the signs prominently displayed in park areas across North America:  “Please don’t feed the animals.”  There's good reason.


Thurs., July 5-Sidewinder: The sidewinder makes its home in the Mojave and Sonoran deserts of the American Southwest.


Fri., July 6-Birds and Baseball:  People aren’t the only ones who like to attend an evening baseball game.

A Sense of Place: Third Season (Series)

Produced by Helen Borten

Most recent piece in this series:

Convicting Chevie Kehoe

From Helen Borten | Part of the A Sense of Place: Third Season series | 59:26

Chevie1_small An investigative documentary involving white supremacists and a triple murder in Arkansas in 1996. For the first time, evidence is made public that was never presented in court. For the first time, pre-trial tapes made by Chevie Kehoe's accusers are aired. For the first time, in interviews conducted by mail, Chevie Kehoe tells his side of the story. Attorneys for the defense and prosecution speak their mind. People who knew the Kehoe family offer information and insights that point--as does the evidence--to another suspect. A close, troubling examination of a trial that may have convicted the wrong men, sending one to death row and the other to prison for life without parole. Distributed by PRI in 2004 as the one-hour premiers of the Third Season of A Sense of Place.

Everything Was Right: The Beatles' Revolver

From Paul Ingles | 01:58:00

Either a two-hour program (with optional 5:00 newscast length content in each hour that can be dropped), or a one-hour program (with additional newcast friendly 54:00 cut) in which musicians, writers, and Beatle fans explore what made Revolver one of the top rock albums of all time.

Showlogo1athumb_small NOW AVAILABLE TO ALL OF PUBLIC RADIO. "AWESOME! BEST PIECE OF RADIO I HAVE HEARD in ages. A must listen for any Beatles fan." PRX REVIEW by Jonathan Fahey When rock music critics and fans are asked to rank the top rock albums of all time, The Beatles' 1966 release Revolver either heads the list or falls into the top tier. To mark the 40th anniversary year of the album's release, award-winning producer and host Paul Ingles presents Everything Was Right: The Beatles' "Revolver" Ingles explores the landmark album's story and influence in depth, talking with historians, musicians, music critics, and fans and spotlighting each Revolver track (along with the 1966 single "Paperback Writer and Rain") The Beatles experimented with new sounds and subject matter on Revolver, pioneering psychedelic rock on some tracks and exhibiting extraordinary song-craft on others. Listeners learn about the sources for the tunes, the studio experiments The Beatles used to get their ground-breaking sounds, and the lasting impact of the collection on the pop/rock music scene. Among the guest commentators is Mark Lewisohn, author of The Beatles Recording Sessions. The only journalist to have listened to every second of the Beatles' studio recordings, Lewisohn is a major authority on the band's history. Everything Was Right also features music writers Jim Derogatis, Steve Turner, Jeff Sobul, and Stuart Maddow. Musicians Shawn Colvin, Mark Erelli, John Leventhal, Deborah Holland, Richard Goldman, David Gans, Kristy Kruger, and Jon Spurney join other Beatle fans to talk about their favorite tracks on what is arguably the greatest album by the greatest band of all time. "...it does do a solid job of dissecting the psychology, backstory and musicianship of each song note for delicious note. This is the kind of program that makes musical pedants like myself pant with delight...this documentary does offer solid journalism, excellent production values and a style that leaves most of the talking to the interviewees. Highly recommended." PRX REVIEW by Jonathan Groubert    "...relentless, meticulous work on the part of the producer and host, with a rich overflow of excellent interviews. Finally, once each song has been perfectly framed, they actually let you hear it in its entirety, or nearly. And it's like you're hearing it for the first time." PRX REVIEW by Marjorie Van Halteren

A Shortcut Through The 21st Century-The First Decade

From Peter Bochan | Part of the Shortcuts series | 03:03:17

A review of the past ten years, from January 2000 through December 31st 2009. Mixing words, music and sounds from all the major events of the 21st Century...so far.

Shepsticker_small A three hour-long retrospective of the entire decade, beginning with the 2000 election and recounts, featuring Al Gore, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and other candidates, through 911, Homeland Security, into the Iraq and Afghanistan invasions, right through the arrival of Barack Obama, the death of Michael Jackson and the Miracle on the Hudson, this Shortcut through the first decade of the 21st century mixes up the emotional highs and lows; the elections and the resulting political turmoil, the ongoing war and the struggles for peace, the growing concern over global warming and the environment, the changes in science & technology, the perfume & the poison, the shocking scandals and bad behavior, Britney, Brad & Angelina, Miss USA, You Tube, and the continuing decline of western civilization---its all here!