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Playlist: David Greenberger

Compiled By: Sophie Jahjah

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The Duplex Planet (Series)

Produced by David Greenberger

Most recent piece in this series:

Fortunate Decision

From David Greenberger | Part of the The Duplex Planet series | 01:00

Default-piece-image-0 There is more to life than work. Like getting to know your wife again. David Greenberger tells the story based on a conversation with Reinhardt "Buck" Buchli. Artist David Greenberger has been collecting the thoughts, memories and stories from elderly Americans for more than a quarter century. Genuine, moving, and often funny, combined with music, the pieces explore issues of aging by revealing real characters that are in decline, but are still very much alive. They reveal the common threads of our humanity. Part of Greenberger's series of regional voices, these stories were collected for the Cape and Island public radio stations. Based on conversations with elderly residents of Cape Cod and Martha?s Vineyard. Music performed by Bangalore, composed by Phil Kaplan.