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Playlist: 2010 Fundraising Spots

Compiled By: PRX Curators

 Credit: <a href="http://www.forestwander.com/">Forest Wander</a>
Image by: Forest Wander 
Curated Playlist

You are either planning for...producing now...or reviewing your last on-air membership drive.

What TOOLS would make it better?

What CONTENT would make it sound better?

What are BEST PRACTICES can help you learn from what works?

The PRX Fundraising Soundbank was created as a joint project by DEI and PRX:

* FREE content for air
* FREE content you can modify to your needs
* curated content so you can find the best stuff fast
* the latest fundraising material from NPR and APM
* even fun spots from Radiolab!

Take a listen and please give us a shout if you need a hand or have suggestions!

Happy Pledging!

~Jody Evans
PRX Fundraising Sound Bank Curator

Sample National Spots

The creative team at Radiolab is at it again with a new group of fundraising spots that reflect the show's sensibility and highlight why this relatively new program is skyrocketing to the top of best programs in public radio.

Radiolab Pledge Spot - Romance

From Radiolab | 01:03

Radiolab is here to bring back the romance of pledging.

Default-piece-image-0 RK:  Hello, I’m Robert Krulwich
JA:  I’m Jad Abumrad
RK:  And we’re here to bring back the romance of pledging.
JA:  Wait, what?
RK:  Well, pledging, Jad, is kind of sexy if you think about it the right way.
JA:  Did you just say sexy?  Pledging?
RK:  Hear me out . . . pledging has all of the hallmarks of a bold romantic gesture.
JA:  It does?
RK:  Sure
JA:  How?
RK:  Okay, imagine, somewhere out there a dashing stranger sits alone by the radio.  He likes what he hears.
[Tape from Click and Clack]
RK:  So he grabs the phone, and, with a kind of devil-may-care grin, he debonairly pledges to the station that he loves.
[Hello?  I would like to donate my money to you.]
JA:  Do you think there are any chivalrous admirers out there right now? 

RK: Well, you never know, but you can tilt your ear, fondly, to the phones here and wait hopefully.

[Music Out]

Radiolab Pledge Spot - Idea Fix

From Radiolab | 01:53

Pledge drives can take your dopamine levels down, but don't worry, Radiolab can help.


Radiolab Pledge Spot - Difference

From Radiolab | :41

Pledge with gusto!


JA:  Hello, I’m Jad Abumrad

RK:  Bark.  Bark it out.

JA:  Hello, I’m Jad Abumrad!

RK:  More drill instructor-y

JA:  Hello, I’m Jad Abumrad !!

RK:  I’m Robert Krulwich,

JA:  We’re from Radiolab

RK:  Let’s go harder, let’s do the Marines

JA:  (deep voice) Hello, I’m Jad Abumrad!!

RK:  I’m Robert Krulwich!

JA:  We are from Radiolab!

RK:  Pledge!

JA:  Pledge!

RK:  Pledge!

JA:  Pledge!

RK:  Pledge!

JA:  (laugh) That’s not going to get anyone to pledge.  Maybe we should be a little more earnest. 

RK:  Okay.

JA:  (mellow)  Hey, I’m Jad Abumrad

RK:  And I’m Robert Krulwich

JA:  We’re from Radiolab

RK:  We’re going to be pretty explicit here

JA:  Yeah

RK: if you pledge today...

JA:  it will make a difference.

RK:  That’s it. 

[short music tail]


Radiolab Pledge Spot - Ramen

From Radiolab | 01:00

Don't go out for dinner tonight! Pledge!

Default-piece-image-1 JA: Hello, I’m Jad Abumrad
RK: I’m Robert Krulwich.  We’re from Radiolab.
JA: So Robert, say it’s been a long a week, you get home Friday night, and you are starving.  What do you do?
RK: Well, I could go out for a relaxing dinner …
JA:  Yeah, maybe start with a small appetizer…
RK:  Cheap bottle of wine just to unwind…
JA: Some cheesecake…
RK: I love cheesecake.
JA:  Yeah, exactly.
RK: Well, this is getting kind of pricey.
JA:  Yeah, before you know it you’ve spent $40…
RK: Maybe $50.00.  We’ve got a really bold idea for you.  This weekend, instead of going out…
JA:  Stay in!
RK:  And as for what to eat…
JA:  One little word for you.
[shaking sound]
RK:  It cost 99 cents…
JA:  Comes in its own convenient cup...
RK: RAMEN!!!!!
[slurping sounds]
JA:  Mmmmm, this is so good.
RK:  Very good.
JA:  You can’t beat it.
RK:  It’s all over my shirt.
JA:  And then send the money you would have spent on dinner
RK: to us!
JA:  40 bucks, 50 bucks…
RK:  Send a dinner’s worth our way!
JA:  Mmm, exactly.  Honor us with Ramen!



Sample Station Spots

Vermont Public Radio has long been a leader in producing local content to enhance the sound of the membership drives. In this group of spots you'll hear listener voices telling stories of why they value VPR. There is also a custom national spot from NPR's David Folkenflick. While these spots are all Vermont specific, these are all great examples of high quality local production that you can "borrow" and make your own.

VPR Testimonials

From Peter Biello | 06:29

VPR Testimonials

Default-piece-image-0 VPR Testimonials