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Produced by Robin Sussingham

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Summary: A light-hearted essay questioning the tactic of selling to our friends during holiday gatherings.

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Review of Happy Holidays! (Now buy an eyeliner)

Very nicely written and produced. Good, sincere delivery as well. The gift giving and holiday party scenario is all too familiar. I enjoyed the wry humor.

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Review of Happy Holidays! (Now buy an eyeliner)

I know exactly how she feels!
The home party business gets old very quickly. Why call it a girls night out when it's a business transaction?
Buying out of guilt or "peer pressure" as Sussingham notes, is the only polite way out. After a while, the lure of a glass of wine and homemade goodies palls and you start inventing excuses...
I had to go underground to escape Pampered Chefs, Mary Kay and Tupperware.
Sussingham's suggestion that we drop the pretense of getting together out of friendship, and instead pay a cover charge to cover the cost of goodies and bring in a little cash for the host, is perfect. A simple solution.