Comments for Dad and Sam (Locked in Brotherhood)

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This piece belongs to the series "The Life Stories Collection"

Produced by Jay Allison

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Summary: A short meditation on the relationship between my father and his mentally disabled older brother, Sam.

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Highly recommended

A touching, beautiful story. Very strong.

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Review of Dad and Sam (Locked in Brotherhood)

Holy cow, this is one of the best pieces I've heard in a long time. I can't believe I'm writing a review for it instead of listening to it on some sort of "The Best Audio of the 20th Century" showcase. When you hear Dad introducing Sam, it's like listening to an old time radio show. Then the story about Dad's brother really gets under way. We should all do a story like this about all of our family members. We should all be so good at putting together such a piece.

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Review of Dad and Sam (Locked in Brotherhood)

This is one of the most touching pieces I have ever heard. Exquisite story-telling, beautiful sound, surprise ending. One of the gentlest and most compelling arguments for brotherhood, with a capital "B", that you'll ever hear. I wouldn't limit this to airing around Christmas or Father's day.