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Produced by Amber Edwards

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Summary: The Ebony Hillbillies prove you don?t have to be white and Southern to play authentic, down home country music...they are hip, urban, and black. And reclaiming a musical heritage that has largely been forgotten....

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A Nice Reminder that We are A Varied World

On its own, Bluegrass is, to say the least, a point of heated discussion in public radio. American, yes; listened to by lawyers in Washington DC, sure-I'll buy that as a former WAMU employee!

But for the most part, Bluegrass is one of those things we want to adore on air, but kind puts our collective guts in a wrench.

This piece is the way to bring this music to the air! It's essentially a news magazine piece, but I could see AAA stations incorporating this into either their morning shows or specialty hours. Heck, mixing race issues and bluegrass--That is SO SO SO public radio and done in a way only we know how to do it!

The editing it tight, the story well told. New information is given...the bite on how music decreased deaths on slave ships is a downright wow factor! Some of the levels were a bit muffly but nothing too terrible.

What I liked most about this piece is the deft use of music under the voices. It kept me engaged and signaled some pacing changes when the music was not being used as specific example. Masterful!

Thanks for making great radio we can all use!

I only hope those folks in Congress can listen to this piece to know why public radio is crucial to a successful American Democracy. (Can't help being a GM!)
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Review of The Ebony Hillbillies

This piece works does double duty, informs us about The Ebony Hillbillies and some unknown, at least it was to me, historical facts about music. The band members explain the make-up of the band's instruments, share the history of the banjo, and why certain musical styles became identified with certain group of people. An entertaining and informational piece with some song clips you will enjoy.

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The Ebony Hillbillies Review

Bluegrass? Folk? Blues? I don't know, but the Ebony Hillbillies sound rich and country. First ocra, now Banjos from Africa? I had no idea do much white Southern culture didn't originate in the Old World. If you have the time, listen to this. Enlightening, fun, and socially concious --come learn the odd truth behind "Yellow Rose of Texas."