Comments for Mother/Father

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Produced by Judy Goldberg

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Summary: Hilary Uselu performs her piece Mother/Father, slamming about environmental situations from the point of view of Mother Earth.

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Same Arguments, New Lens

While I don't know a lot about Hilary herself after this piece, it's very clear she has a strong skill in poetry. Taking traditional arguments from the Environmentalist Movement, and presenting them within this spiritual lens allows for a very provocative piece. Her changing voice level within the piece really slams on a listener the deep emotion from her spiritual beings (Father Sun and Mother Earth). Certain parts of her poem are spoken in a very piercing voice that, although are a little bit hard on the ears, help contribute to the feeling of an emotional plea by the spiritual beings. Overall, the piece flows nicely, and is definitely a piece that stands out in terms of creativity. It would serve to be a great opening to get people thinking about the Environment, and it is a good quick summary of what some of the major issues are.

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A Refreshing Slap to the Face

Hilary Uselu delves into the relationship between people and the earth. Done as a conversation between the earth, the sun and the people, this piece brings the environmental cause to a more abstract and yet strangely a more intimate level. Hearing Hilary’s words you feel Mother Earth’s sorrow and Father Sun’s white-hot rage. While Hilary conveys her message forcefully, she never preaches. Listening is almost like a quick slap to the face. This would be excellent as an introduction to an environmental show as it puts into words the raw emotion that environmental problems evoke. While Hilary’s voice quickly draws you in, her introduction is less compelling. The intro gave general background information about Hilary, but it could have used a bit more context for her poem, for example, why she chose this topic to begin with.