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Produced by Sarmishta Subramanian and Karen Levine

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Summary: The story of a remarkable Indian woman who struggled with the bonds of tradition and finally broke them in old age, told by her granddaughter.

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"Then when I heard his voice, I would melt..."

What a beautiful piece about the trials and joys of a truly incredible woman! Subramanian and Levine do a brilliant job of weaving famous literary moments and reflections into the narrative Sethu's own storied life. The piece paints an especially nuanced portrait of Sethu's relationship with her husband. Whereas a less skillful portrayal might have come off as overtly editorialized and ethnocentric, we get to hear Sethu's contradictory feelings played out firsthand, as in the part where she describes wanting to run away from her husband but still feeling the sensation of melting whenever she heard his voice. Without a doubt, "A Woman of No Consequence" melted me.

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I love this story. Well told, and much appreciated.

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What a wonderful woman

I loved this story- I think I'm about to go to bed happy! This woman is amazing, and I will look for her book when I go to Kerala this spring.

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honoring elders

Professor Dudley would be proud.

Feel good story

A Woman of No Consequence is engrossing and earnest, with a charming subject and smooth narration.