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Produced by Nithya Thiru and Nikki Navio

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Summary: Three teens from Shishmaref, Alaska have seen the impacts of climate change first hand. Here they discuss how the warm weather is impacting them and their elders.

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Review of "Shishmaref"

What an interview opportunity: the people who feel the effects of climate change already. This is interesting stuff! I would have liked to hear from an elder, instead of getting the elders' perspective from a young person. It would also be cool to hear ambient sound to illustrate the way of life that the speakers fear would be lost if the Shishmaref community was moved. Listening to the piece, I wanted a description of the village itself. That and some background sound would give the story more of a sense of place, which would make me even more interested in the problem being addressed: I would have a clearer idea of just what treasures are being lost to the rising sea.

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Alaskan High Tides

This piece about the Shishmaref, Alaska climate change and how Alaska seems to be withering away into the ocean due to the dramatic weather patterns. The natives are fully aware of the change and believe that everyone should be just as aware about the fast pacing weather patterns. The dramatic changes have caused many homes to drown in the sea and many Alaskans have been left homeless. It's very life changing for the natives, but they have accepted the fate of reality and have been informing others of the water damages and how others can hopefully prevent the same tragidies. It's a very informative interview with many natives talking to keep listeners listening and from the interview, the natives sound like they are prepared for what lies ahead in this climate change disaster. These Alaskans have a heavy weight on their shoulders, but they are taking a leap into the ocean and becoming leaders. What an inspiring piece! Although I would add some music to emphasize the emotion and what the natives are saying. It would really draw the readers into the piece.

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Your point got out !

Being a teenager who isn’t very conscious of environmental issues is something very common. The topic is very relatable, and a lot of people can apply this to themselves. This piece speaks to me, because a lot of people live in an area with water. In Alaska, houses are ruined because of the new higher tides. This piece catches peoples attention, because it’s not just one person talking the whole time. The people making this piece are basically making the statement that they have to stop global warming, or they’ll have to move a lot of things in the city. It’s very well put together.
The interview is constantly changing between multiple people, which keeps the listener interested. The stories in the interviews were very real, which made them relatable. When the interviewer tells about wanting to make her town last, it makes people realize that the climate change caused by global warming is a live or die situation. The topic is very well developed. This piece is kind of lengthy. It could be cut down by a minute or two and have the same meaning, and could come across the same points.

Interesting, Informing, Shocking, Sad

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Falling into the Ocean

Imagine living on the edge of a cliff. Constantly knowing that at any moment you could tip over the edge into an abyss. “Climate change in Shishmaref Alaska” addresses living with that gut wrenching feeling every day. It has excellent discourse between two native kids of Shishmaref. Their authentic voices tell the story in a pragmatic and informative way. While the pace at times could have aided by cutting down some repetitive information, one never feels bored or lectured. Community is the call word of this radio piece. You get a strong feel for the village and their customs. The unique point of view of the youth combines both a startling realism on the situation and a yearning for their lives in Shimaref to go back to the way they were during their elder’s times. As Shishmaref is the “poster child” for the climate change issue this is a new perspective on a well-known tale.